Interior Design

Dining by Design Show Review

By: Janet Ramin on March 26 2015.

Snow may have been taking NYC by storm, but inside DIFFA’s Dining by Design show, signs of spring were sprouting brightly all over the exhibits. Designers and artists created show…
How A Little Paint Can Dramatically Change a Room

By: NYIAD Interior Design Mentor on January 13 2015.

NYIAD is an online interior design school, and because we are, we often write fun and useful tips for interior designers. Please enjoy!
Who Will Be Wearing Your Jewelry Designs?

By: NYIAD Jewelry Mentor on October 2 2014.

There are many people who love to design and make jewelry. Perhaps your…
Teach Yourself to Analyze Interior Design Photos

By: NYIAD Interior Design Mentor on September 5 2014.

Shelter and home magazines all feature glossy photos of beautifully designed rooms. The…
An Alternative to the Traditional Kitchen Island

By: NYIAD Interior Design Mentor on August 18 2014.

This modern kitchen shows off one of the biggest trends in remodeling…
What Does Your Home’s Entrance Say About You?

By: NYIAD Interior Design Mentor on August 1 2014.

Realtors will tell you that many houses sell—or remain on the market unsold—due to their curb appeal.
Industrial Design Takes Over the Family Home

By: NYIAD Interior Design Mentor on July 18 2014.

This is not your mother’s kitchen! Several years ago, this California family…
6 Tips for Interior Design Beginners

By: Robin Callan on May 22 2014.

You've completed your education, and you're a full-fledged interior designer — congratulations! Now what? Here are a few tips for making your transition to pro a smoother one:
Is Modern Furniture Uncomfortable?

By: NYIAD Staff on May 21 2014.

This picture features a dog relaxing in an orange Togo sofa, designed by Ligne Roset, the French contemporary furnishings firm. First designed by Michel Ducaroy in 1973, the Togo has…
Landmark Villard Mansion Gets Makeover for the Kips Bay Decorator Show

By: Janet Ramin on May 2 2014.

Designers transformed the Villard mansion into flights of fantasy for the annual Kips Bay Decorator Show…