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Is Modern Furniture Uncomfortable?

By NYIAD Staff on May 21, 2014

This picture features a dog relaxing in an orange Togo sofa, designed by Ligne Roset, the French contemporary furnishings firm. First designed by Michel Ducaroy in 1973, the Togo has become a classic in comfort—and, in 2007, the line expanded into a kids collection.

Some of the earlier modern furniture designs, most notably mid-century (1950s and 1960s), had some fairly uncomfortable seating profiles. Cushions were upholstered with flat foam pads that left little cushioning for the body, and they were downright unpleasant to sit on.

While some Scandinavian and so-called Danish modern furniture were somewhat spartan in the comfort department, today’s contemporary designs have gone for full-on comfort.

Other contemporary furniture front-liners have continued the trend in comfortable, ergonomically responsible design. Look for beautiful designs from B&B Italia, Moroso, Cassina, Promemoria, and many other modern-day manufacturers.

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