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Your Graphic Designer Salary Guide

By Des Sinkevich on June 8 2023.

Graphic designers are creative professionals who help businesses create visual content that communicates their message. They use a variety of tools, such as typography, color, imagery, and animation…
How to Network with Creative Professionals

By: Nicole Krempasky on February 14 2022.

When we think of what it takes to be successful in a creative career, we usually think of the more common skills, such as an artistic, detailed eye.…
How to Write an Effective Creative Resume

By: Des Sinkevich on February 7 2022.

There are some common rules we all follow when writing a resume for most jobs. Keep it clean, straightforward, and avoid getting creative with the format, font, and…
How to Sell Your Designs and Skills Online

By: Des Sinkevich on February 2 2022.

You’ve created so many things you’re proud of and you want to start making money from the work you do. But, besides getting a job at a company,…