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3 Signs You’re Unhappy With Your Career

By Michelle Ecker on February 27 2020.

Have you been feeling uninspired and unhappy at work lately? Maybe you’re experiencing some general burnout and need to take a break to reset. Or maybe your unhappiness…
How Much Does an AutoCAD Course Cost?

By: Michelle Ecker on February 21 2020.

If you're an interior designer, learning AutoCAD is a great way to advance your career and develop your skill set.  This modern design software will help…
How To Set Goals and Stick to Them

By: Michelle Ecker on February 21 2020.

Setting goals is always an exciting way to look towards the future and imagine all the ways you aspire to improve. From changing bad habits to starting healthy…
Do You Need an Interior Design Internship?

By: Michelle Ecker on February 5 2020.

Many aspiring interior designers find themselves confused about what education is actually required in order to start working as a professional. Unlike becoming a teacher or a nurse,…

Student Success Stories

Student Success: Megan Davis

Student Success: Megan Davis

By Michelle Ecker on January 14 2019.

When she was younger, Megan Davis sketched fashion designs and wedding dress concepts in her spare time. Always passionate about the creative arts, she knew from a young…
Student Success - Lauren Liess

Student Success - Lauren Liess

By NYIAD Mentor on October 5 2018.

Sometimes it takes a while before you realize that the things you love to do most are the same ones that can…
Student Success: Sandra Mijan

Student Success: Sandra Mijan

By Michelle Ecker on March 22 2018.

Ever since she was young, Sandra Mijan has been drawn to interior design. She has memories of being…