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3 Creative Writing Exercises to Help You Get Inspired

By Michelle Ecker on August 20 2019.

Are you interested in improving your creative writing skills? One of the best things you can do is set aside time each week to work on writing exercises…
How Does an Online Jewelry Design Course Work?

By: Michelle Ecker on August 20 2019.

If you’re interested in studying something hands-on and creative such as jewelry design, it might be hard to imagine how an online course such as NYIAD’s actually works. …
Do You Have to Be Good at Math to Learn AutoCAD?

By: Michelle Ecker on August 9 2019.

Many prospective AutoCAD learners are interested in adding this computer-aided drafting tool to their design resumes, but find themselves worried about the technical or mathematical skills involved. Do You Have…
5 Easy Updates That Can Transform Your Bedroom

By: Michelle Ecker on August 7 2019.

For many people, the bedroom is the place in the home where they most need to feel peaceful and comfortable. Considered the heart of the home in the…