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The Biggest Color Trends for Winter 2019

By Michelle Ecker on November 4 2019.

If you’re interested in fashion and want to pursue a career in personal style, you probably already have a natural eye for spotting…
How Much Money Do SketchUp Designers Make?

By: Michelle Ecker on November 4 2019.

3D modeling is a modern design process that can help interior designers bring one-dimensional representations of spaces and objects to life. Using software such as Sketchup, a 3D…
Our 5 Favorite Halloween Party Hacks

By: Michelle Ecker on October 28 2019.

If you’re an event planning enthusiast or aspiring events professional, holidays are a great time to get some practice under your belt.  Regardless of the scale…
Should Interior Designers Learn 3D Modeling?

By: Michelle Ecker on October 15 2019.

If you’re a professional interior designer, you might be unsure whether or not it’s worth investing in your education to add some modern interior design…

Student Success Stories

Student Success: Megan Davis

Student Success: Megan Davis

By Michelle Ecker on January 14 2019.

When she was younger, Megan Davis sketched fashion designs and wedding dress concepts in her spare time. Always passionate about the creative arts, she knew from a young…
Student Success - Lauren Liess

Student Success - Lauren Liess

By NYIAD Mentor on October 5 2018.

Sometimes it takes a while before you realize that the things you love to do most are the same ones that can…
Student Success: Sandra Mijan

Student Success: Sandra Mijan

By Michelle Ecker on March 22 2018.

Ever since she was young, Sandra Mijan has been drawn to interior design. She has memories of being…