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Our Favorite Winter Wedding Trends

By Michelle Ecker on November 2 2018.

Planning a wintertime wedding this year? Whether you’re an aspiring professional seeking inspiration, a bride or groom browsing ideas, or a working professional helping a client, we did some browsing…
How Much Money Do Jewelry Designers Make?

By: Michelle Ecker on October 31 2018.

If you’re considering a career in the jewelry design industry, it’s important for you to understand the value of your time and effort. Getting started, it’s important to have some…
Do Graphic Designers Need a Degree?

By: Michelle Ecker on October 19 2018.

In the past, aspiring graphic designers and most other creative professionals were required to attend a 4-year university and receive a bachelor’s degree in order to be seriously considered for…
Throw The Perfect Halloween Party

By: Michelle Ecker on October 10 2018.

If you’re an aspiring event planner looking to grow your portfolio, planning holiday-themed parties can be a great way to get some practice. From coordinating color schemes and planning…

Student Success Stories

Student Success - Lauren Liess

Student Success - Lauren Liess

By NYIAD Mentor on October 5 2018.

Sometimes it takes a while before you realize that the things you love to do most are the same ones that can earn…
Student Success: Sandra Mijan

Student Success: Sandra Mijan

By Michelle Ecker on March 22 2018.

Ever since she was young, Sandra Mijan has been drawn to interior design. She has memories of being…
Student Success: Mary Plouffe

Student Success: Mary Plouffe

By Michelle Ecker on August 30 2017.

After working in the museum industry as an exhibition designer and project manager for…