Interior Design

Photo of pink home décor to illustrate the Barbiecore trend.

By: Lauren Ambrosio on September 29 2023.

It’s time to answer this season’s most burning question: What’s your design aesthetic: are you a Barbie or a Ken? Do you see yourself living amongst sparkles, plush…
Photo of an eclectic living room illustrating summer home décor trends for 2023.

By: Lauren Ambrosio on August 14 2023.

Summer is a season of change and renewal, a time when we naturally find ourselves eager to refresh our living spaces. As the sun brightens our days and…
Modern black and wood bathroom with two basin sinks and a shower.

By: Lauren Ambrosio on June 22 2023.

Here's what our designers have on the radar for 2023 bathroom trends—from materials and top paint colors to wellness touchpoints and technology. Top 7 Bathroom Design Trends…
What’s Included in an Interior Design Certificate Course?

By: Michelle Ecker on June 3 2021.

If you’ve ever walked into a beautiful hotel or stately home and admired how it looked so put together, you’ve likely appreciated the work of an interior designer.…
What’s The Average Interior Design Salary?

By: Michelle Ecker on March 23 2021.

If you want to become a professional interior designer, one of your first questions might be about how much you can expect to be paid in this field…
How Do NYIAD Interior Design Projects Work?  

By: Michelle Ecker on September 22 2020.

  Part of what sets the New York Institute of Art and Design apart from other online schools is that our students complete hands-on…
Do Interior Designers Need to Be Certified?

By: Michelle Ecker on September 8 2020.

If you want to pursue an interior design career, you should research what education, training or certifications you are required to receive before technically calling yourself a 
How to Become an Interior Designer

By: Michelle Ecker on August 6 2020.

If you want to become a professional interior designer, you probably have questions about what steps you need to take in order to get started. Diving into the…
Do You Need an Interior Design Internship?

By: Michelle Ecker on May 31 2020.

Many aspiring interior designers find themselves confused about what education is actually required in order to start working as a professional. Unlike becoming a teacher or a nurse,…
The Best Software for Interior Designers to Learn

By: Michelle Ecker on May 20 2020.

If you’re a professional interior designer looking to bolster your resume and do more with your career, it might be worth investing in your education to learn how…