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An Alternative to the Traditional Kitchen Island

By NYIAD Interior Design Mentor on August 18, 2014

This modern kitchen shows off one of the biggest trends in remodeling today: saving money by creating a custom DIY kitchen island.

Traditional islands can be convenient workspaces, but they’re also glorified cabinetry. They are composed of shelves, drawers, pull-outs, and other extras will hike up your project costs in a hurry.

The solution is to eliminate the need for a traditional kitchen island and go with a large kitchen table arrangement instead.

In the photo above, the homeowners decided to go with a modified table. The tabletop is a recycled composite material, although you can also use stone or laminate. There’s also a cutout and insert created for a sink, with the plumbing exposed below the tabletop surface. This modified island looks great and is much less expensive than a traditional island setup with solid sets of cabinetry.

To create your own DIY kitchen table, try using a regular kitchen or dining room table, it would work just as well. Choose a sturdy farm table to add appeal and function to the room. Just make sure the finish of the tabletop also doubles as a prep surface for rolling dough, cutting veggies, or setting out plates. Industrial design concepts work well with non-traditional kitchen islands as well.

Don’t forget to photograph your latest designs for your interior design portfolio. Personal projects like this could lead to potential new business for you.

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