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Look of the Week: The Thuja Block

By Michelle Ecker on September 29, 2015

From end tables to throw pillows to paint samples and more, tune in to the design blog every Tuesday afternoon to check out our choice for NYIAD’s featured look of the week.

This week’s favorite comes to us from article.

Look of the Week: The Thuja Block

Whether you arrange a floral display of mums in the foyer or adorn a dining room table with miniature squash, a relatively simple effort can effectively comfort guests with the experience of the holidays in a uniquely cozy and celebratory way.

If you’re looking to bring the festive excitement of autumn into a home this year, try to blend some seasonal outdoor elements with the interior décor.

This week’s #LOTWDesign truly characterizes the earthy, rustic appeal of the fall season while additionally offering designers some great functionality and versatility of purpose.

Look of the Week: The Thuja Block

The Thuja block brings organic texture and character indoors via red cedar from the forests of the Pacific North West. Surface splits, cracks and knots are naturally raw details that give each piece unique personality while offering outdoorsy authenticity to any room.

Rest a good read on a Thuja block nightstand. Use it as an end table to hold a warm cup of tea, or simply arrange it around your coffee table at a fireside game night with friends. Regardless of your functional desires, Thuja can be a practical decorative tool, helping you celebrate the seasons with some rural, pastoral charm.

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