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What Does Your Home’s Entrance Say About You?

By NYIAD Interior Design Mentor on August 01, 2014

Realtors will tell you that many houses sell—or remain on the market unsold—due to their curb appeal.

How your house looks from the outside will form an immediate impression that can either impress or turn off potential buyers.

If you look at curb appeal from a feng shui perspective, you’ll find a different type of analysis, but one that dovetails nicely with what realtors say. According to feng shui principles, you can tell most anything you’d like to know about someone by looking at the entrances to their home. If you see a messy front yard, litter in the driveway, and the home’s exterior in bad repair, chances are, the inside of the home is going to be the same way.

In this photo, we can see a walled entrance that is in good repair, with a clear gate and a well-marked path to the front door. The trees and plants in the front yard are beautiful and healthy while the front path is clean and clear of debris.

There is a single front door, which is good (feng shui is down on two front doors), and it’s at grade or slightly elevated—also good.

Finally, the front path is in excellent condition, which is important, because it helps connects the homeowner and the home to the community at large.

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