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The Best 2019 Summer Wedding Ideas

By Michelle Ecker on May 17, 2019

The Best 2019 Summer Wedding Ideas

If you’re a wedding planning enthusiast, you’ve probably began to see some summer wedding trends for 2019 popping up on your Instagram and Pinterest feeds.

From bright color palettes to funky graphic patterns, we made a quick round up of all our favorite inspirations for this season. Here’s what we love this year:

Bold Wedding Color Palettes

summer wedding, bright wedding colors

Wedding planners are going bold this year when it comes to color palette picks. Out with the pastels and in with the high-volume, high aesthetic impact of hues like magenta and tangerine.

When it comes to keeping your colors impactful while remaining crisp and classy, a great tip is to pick just one bold color, then incorporate that one color in varying shades. To use magenta as an example- magenta might be your central accent, but you could opt for berry pink florals or a softer lilac shade for your place cards.

Playful Patterns

patterned tablecloth, wedding table setting

We’ve also seen tons of summer wedding inspiration images circulating this year that incorporate playful, fun patterns in the decor. Graphic prints are all the rage, and there are plenty of creative ways to include them in your wedding design. From patterned stationery to funky table runners, get creative with your picks to keep things 2019 trend-worthy.

Creative Cakes

wedding cake, summer wedding cake

The trendiest wedding cake design for 2019 is an old school southern classic- the bundt.

The cake itself is a longtime dessert staple, but we’re seeing it shared with a twist this year- think tiered or elaborately embellished like the one pictured above.

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