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Wedding Tip Wednesday: Volume and Vision

By Michelle Ecker on October 14, 2015

It’s Wedding Tip Wednesday at NYIAD! Every Wednesday afternoon, tune in to the design blog to hear a new piece of planning advice from NYIAD’s Emily Bauer. Emily has worked in the wedding and event planning industry for nearly a decade, coordinating events with a wide spectrum of budgets and client needs.

For today’s tip, Emily shares,

Wedding Tip Wednesday: Volume and Vision

“When choosing a ceremony location, always keep the audience in mind. Regardless of how lovely a particular venue may look, the couple’s guests are going to feel extremely disappointed (and left out) if they aren’t able to see and hear the service from where they’ve been seated.

When exploring different location options, have the couple stand at the podium and speak at the volume they intend to during the service. Then, slowly move back further from where they’re standing, testing areas where you anticipate guests to be seated. Determine whether or not said guests will still be able to listen comfortably and see properly without having to strain.

If the couple loves a certain location but you start to notice some issues with volume or vision, consider renting a microphone or riser. This relatively inexpensive investment could prevent saddened family members from feeling excluded on the special day.”

Thanks, Emily! For more tips, check out our design blog.

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