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Little Things Series Overview

By NYIAD Staff on May 15, 2012

Our Little Things columns place a spotlight on those home accessories that are often overlooked, and we'll show how they can be improved to make a world of a difference. Our pursuit is to enhance the decor through economical yet aesthetically superior measures.

  • Pod Life

    The freezing temperatures and wind chill drives many of earth’s creatures, including man, to burrow into something warm and sheltering. Since hibernating all winter is not an option for us, we look for alternatives to give us the same feeling of a cocoon. A favorite blanket is a start, but a comfy, enveloping chair is even better. Enter the pod chairs.
  • Architectural Hardware

    Architectural hardware are functional objects that we just can't do without—they open and close doors, windows, kitchen and bath cabinets, furniture drawers, and even announce when there's a guest at the door. But, if chosen with care, they can also act as jewelry adorning a home and bestow a place with a special distinctive sparkle.
  • Rustic Decorations

    The call to live a simpler life without technology or expensive things can be very alluring in this frenzied world where such things abound. Thoughts of homespun living and connecting with the past become attractive when the complexity of everyday life is stressful. This month, we’re exploring rustic themes and decorating for a simpler home.
  • Blankets

    The frost is on the pumpkin, the chill is in the air. There may still be a few days in which we can squeeze out the last drops of summer sunshine and warmth, but the nights are getting cold and it’s time to start hunkering down for the winter ahead. Even if you’re not in a climate where wintertime is descending, it’s never a bad time to think about your blanket situation, and possibly to do some updating.
  • Poufs

    There are all kinds of seating out there, from sofas to chaises to chairs, but sometimes there just isn’t enough space for them. Enter the pouf. A pouf can be as small as 12” round or as large as a coffee table. When you need to add more seating in a tight corner or in a really small living room, poufs are a perfect fit.
  • Cabanas

    Cabanas come in many different forms – some are mere sunshades, others full blown canopies, and there’s the maximum cabana – the pavilion or gazebo. The type of cabana you need will depend on your location and on how many people you want to shade.
  • Outdoor Lighting

    Backyard parties can be so enjoyable that even if they start in the afternoon, they can often linger on till nighttime. When no one wants to leave the party, the host needs to make some adjustments to the setting. One of the little things necessary for a comfortable evening party is outdoor lighting.
  • Climbing Up Roses — Wallpaper

    A refreshing way to introduce spring into your rooms is to give a facelift to your walls. When you want to add that special flair to a room — sometimes mere paint is not dramatic enough a design statement. That's when you turn to an often over looked little thing called wallpaper.
  • Mexican Textiles

    One of the best-known items for decorating that's made its way from Mexico into homes around the world is the intricately patterned woven rug. It's one of those "little things" that can bring the sunshine and warmth of Mexico, along with the country's deep traditions, into a home, brightening a room even the coldest climate.
  • The Art of Re-Design

    Ordinarily, our "Little Things" column discusses ways you can use decorating accessories to change the look of a room. The right little things — lampshades, doorknobs, throw pillows or drawer pulls can make a big difference, and can be an inexpensive way of brightening a room, or of changing its mood in a flash.
  • Green Little Things

    We've talked before about how to achieve an eco-friendly environment through the different paths of sustainability, recycling, reclaiming, and reusing. We'll explore in greater detail specific products for your home that are eco-friendly.
  • Principle of Little Things vis-a-vi3 ABUNDANCE

    We know you turn to the Designer Monthly "Little Things" column for tips on how to make a room pop by making small changes —whether it's your own kitchen, a playroom for the kids, or a client's living
  • Designing with Candles

    It isn’t surprising that the mid-winter holidays all feature light as a theme; in the Northern Hemisphere, natural daylight is in pretty short supply this time of year, and with days growing darker we all feel a need to bring light into the home.
  • Objet D’arts From Around The World

    A conversation piece…a sculptural object…a curio. The French even have a term for it: objet d’art. Whatever the name, art objects give instant personality to a room. They’re an important device designers employ to maximum effect to give that space a unique look. When a client wants to give a facelift to a room without replacing the furniture, designers change the objet d’art. If there’s a limited budget but the client still wants to make a design statement, use an art piece. When there’s a tight space and no room for furniture, like a narrow hallway or a small niche, decorate it with an objet d’art.
  • Picnic Ware

    If you think of dining outdoors with a colorful spread on the grass as a romantic French activity, you're right on the mark. The English word "picnic" actually comes the French, "pique-nique."
  • The Green Issue

    One of the most exciting ideas behind green design is using small, independent sources for all things design. Buy mass-produced furniture, decorations, pillows, and accessories and your place has a greater chance of looking just like everyone else’s. But buy these things from independent creative people, and it’ll be that much easier to express your own unique style.
  • Wedding Table Decorations

    For our special issue on decorating for weddings, we thought there was nothing better for our Little Things column than to take a look at the "little things" that can make a table so much more than just a flat surface for holding plates and silverware. To find some examples of how the right decorations can make a wedding, we went to the site of Always a Bridesmaid, New York’s premier wedding planners who really take wedding design seriously
  • French Table Cloths and Napkins

    One of the delights for an American visiting Europe lies in realizing just how deep the history there is. Here, we think of a house built in 1900 as old; there, you could easily find yourself signing a lease for an apartment in a place constructed three hundred, four hundred, even five hundred years ago.
  • Bathroom Update On The Cheap

    Long ago when we had extra money to spend — or at least had the illusion that we had extra money to spend — a complete bath renovation often seemed the best way to give your home a lift and to increase its value in case of re-sale.
  • Light Up the Darkness

    Once again, we have a happy collision of several winter festivals at once this year: as always, Winter Solstice falls on December 21, and Hanukkah is December 21-29; Christmas, of course, is December 25, and Kwanza Decembewr 26-January 1.
  • Cloth Napkins

    There’s no better way to brighten up you dinner table than with new, colorful cloth napkins. You can find cloth napkins in just about any color, any style, any pattern, and you’ll be surprised to see how much difference new table linens can make.
  • Lampshades

    Lampshades are one of those "little things" that can cause a big change in the look of a room.
  • Chandeliers

    You may think of the word "chandelier" and the word "crystal" in the same breath. This would be a mistake, and could keep you from experiencing the joys of having a chandelier in your home.
  • Room Dividers

    There are times when you crave a little separation, and that's where room dividers come in.
  • Floating Candles

    For a special occasion, such as for a wedding or other event, we find that floating candles can add an even more romantic, elegant, or playful touch to a party.

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