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Tips on Decorating Children's Rooms — Beanbag Chairs

By Sarah Van Arsdale on January 27, 2009

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Have you ever seen kids sitting straight upright on the sofa or easy chair like little angels, perching carefully, making sure they don’t swing their feet against the damask or silk upholstery?

Maybe once or twice, on a visit to Aunt Margaret’s fancy apartment in the city, but even if you have witnessed such an unusual event, chances are that A) it didn’t last long and B) the kids were pretty miserable and C) you were a nervous wreck the whole time, just waiting for Junior to start bouncing on the down-filled seats or picking at the raw-silk cushions.

Much more common is to see a kid trying desperately to fit his squirmy, lively, uncontrollable, growing, energetic little self into the stern shape of a sofa.

As a parent, you have two choices here: you can send Junior to charm school for re-training in the proper use of domestic furnishings, or you can give in, accept what is, and get some furniture that fits him, rather than make him fit it.

To the rescue: the return of the beanbag chair.

These chairs first became popular in the 1960s, when parental controls were loosening and a childish delight in the world was gripping the nation. They’re notable for their easy-going nature, and they fit in perfectly in any family room or kids’ room.

And today, they come in all kinds of patterns and sizes.

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One of our favorites, and remarkably elegant, is this from, an online retailer specializing in all-natural, eco-friendly products. This one is made of a twill unbleached cotton cover, which you can remove and toss in the washer after Junior has his way with it. The “beans” that make up the beanbag are 100% recycled polystyrene beads. Greenfeet also makes a beanbag chair with a hemp cover.

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If the natural color thing isn’t for you, check out the beanbag chairs at This company makes beanbag chairs in just about every color and pattern imaginable, from animal prints for your little beast to faux suede. There are also prints, such as the smiley face, the American flag, and the rainbow.

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Little kids aren’t the only ones who enjoy the comfort, ease and durability of a beanbag chair; for teens, who may want a more sophisticated look, has several choices, include many colors of solid poly/cotton twill. These can be customized with an embroidered name, which also make them good choices for shipping with Junior off to summer camp or college.

Perfect for those long phone conversations or IM sessions, or even for doing homework.

With the great variety of beanbag chairs available, you can eliminate the problem of matching kid to furniture, and instead you can kick back and relax, knowing that Junior is happy sitting upside down in his beanbag chair, while you enjoy the pleasures of napping on a real sofa. Just don’t forget to take your shoes off.