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The Little Things - Blankets

By Sarah Van Arsdale on October 01, 2010

blankets and throws

The frost is on the pumpkin, the chill is in the air. There may still be a few days in which we can squeeze out the last drops of summer sunshine and warmth, but the nights are getting cold and it’s time to start hunkering down for the winter ahead. Even if you’re not in a climate where wintertime is descending, it’s never a bad time to think about your blanket situation, and possibly to do some updating.

Thinking about winter doesn’t mean you have you give up bright summery colors. One designer we know actually brings out the colors of summer in November, switching out the off-white or neutral bedspreads, towels, sheets and blankets she uses in summer for those in daffodil-yellow, leaf green, and summer-sky blue. Indeed, why go heavy on the colors of wintertime indoors when they’re plentiful in the outdoors? Instead, let’s call the on the colors of spring and summer when we need them most, as the days shorten and the light dims.

blankets and throws

One place we like a lot is called Company C. They have three locations, in Hingham, Mass.; Portland, Maine; and Concord, New Hampshire, and they sell their items at over 800 specialty stores as well. Of course you don’t have to travel to any of the locations, though running your hands on the fabrics in person and being in a room full of their great colors would be a real treat---you can just go to their website instead. And going to their website will even give you a little pick-me-up of fresh color.

Company C offers home linens for the bedroom, and we were particularly taken with their Briarsweet Blanket. This blanket, 100% cotton, makes use of the idea that texture is just as important as color, with wide awning stripes that are created in different styles of quilting and embroidery. The celery greens are sweet and soothing, so the blanket will keep you warm without burying you in winter tones.

Of note, this September they launched a line of two rugs, “Sister’s Rug” and “Karen’s Rug,” for which 10% of the sale price will go to the Susan G. Komen Foundation for breast cancer research.

For a more wintry, classic look, we like the blankets offered by the Eco Sleep Shop’s Kushtush Organics. These blankets look great: sophisticated, simple, bold designs. These would be perfect in a rustic getaway home, but they are elegant enough to also mix well with a modern bedroom design. And they’re made from organic, chemical-free wool.

This fall, Baby doesn’t have to sacrifice style just because she’s using a mini-sized blanket. You can find stylish baby blankets in a variety of styles, colors, and fabrics. One we particularly liked is from Gracie Dee. The pink, green, and chocolate brown dots are perfectly retro, and the backing fabric is “Minky Dot,” with tiny, chenille-like bumps.

We also wanted to cuddle up with the luxurious fleecy baby blankets from My Little Sweetie, made with polar fleece, with a pattern on one side, and edged with satin binding. You can custom order blankets with your own colors or design ideas.

blankets and throws

Finally, since we’re focusing on books and libraries in this issue of Designer Monthly, we wanted to let you know about this fun crafts project which will give your books a well-designed face-lift. With a swath of felt and a few household supplies, you can stitch up a few of these book blankets in almost no time. Whether your books get chilly in winter or not is beside the question: these covers look great, and are a terrific, fashionable way to keep your privacy so no one on the bus will think you’re showing off by reading Proust.

So even though the warmth of summertime has faded, it can be replaced with the cuddly warmth of snuggling under a beautiful blanket while the wind howls and the snow flies, and you dream of more great design ideas to come.

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