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What is Interior Design?

By Michelle Ecker on May 17, 2018

What is Interior Design?

Interior design is an exciting combination of both creativity and technical skills. Applied within various structures, these highly sought-out skills come together to create beautiful indoor environments.

The goals of an interior designer can be multifaceted when it comes to what a professional sets out to achieve for particular clients. Some homeowners want to improve their quality of life, for example, by hiring an expert designer to create a space within their home that is truly beautiful and artistic. These people are mostly just looking for an educated, experienced professional eye to pick out colors, fabrics, décor and shapes with them, then put it all together to create stunning room they can be proud of, and a space where they’ll be excited to spend time at home.

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Other interior design projects are much more function-focused. A professional designer could be hired by a boutique storeowner, for example, to help create a practical, functional shop environment that encourages flow of traffic throughout the store, invites buyers to come shop, draws in foot traffic through stunning window displays, and creates a comfortable, airy movement where shoppers and employees can walk comfortably without feeling cluttered or jumbled.

Take Sandra Mijan for example, a NYIAD graduate who was hired by a hair salon owner in Las Vegas. The business was looking to add a little extra luxury and elegance to their spa experience, and thought a stunning interior design makeover could do the trick. They brought Sandra on board to design and decorate a much more beautiful space for their spa guests to relax in, and thanks to her stunning work, have since been able to rebrand their space with a much needed element of indulgence and sophistication. That’d the kind of commercial project where a well-trained interior designer can add business owners such a valuable service.

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Essentially, expert interior designers should be well-educated in all subjects of design so that they can effectively accommodate any number of client needs.

From furniture styles and fabrics to color palettes and lighting installations, it’s important for aspiring designers to have a broad understanding of the art of decorating, because you never know what a client is looking for, and you want to be able to provide expert advice and services across that broad spectrum.

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