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Host-Worthy Home Design

By Michelle Ecker on November 10, 2015

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This week’s favorite comes to us from Today’s Creative Life.

Host-Worthy Home Design

Thanksgiving is in two weeks and we know what’s on your mind- company’s coming.

Preparing for holiday houseguests can be an overwhelming task if you haven’t developed a game plan, so let’s think logistics. When family or friends have been invited to your home, you want to provide them with comfort, relaxation and a good time- without breaking your budget (that’s what Black Friday is for).

To accomplish this, take yourself on a mental vacation. Picture your family away from home for the holidays. Try to imagine the things you’d be missing and the things you’d hope your host could provide.

This week’s #LOTWDesign executes that thoughtful perception via Today’s Creative Life’s free Wi-Fi info printable. If you have an unused frame laying around (or one you could repurpose for the holiday weekend), try displaying your wifi information on a nightstand or end table to offer guests some practical information in a pretty way.

Anticipation of need is one of the key foundations in successful event planning - and by combining this etiquette with some unique décor, your guests’ stay will feel just a little more luxurious- without much effort or cost on your end.

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