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Meet the NYIAD Student Behind York Avenue Blog

By Michelle Ecker on January 31, 2019

Meet the NYIAD Student Behind York Avenue Blog

If you’re interested in taking our interior design course but aren’t quite sure what to expect, reading NYIAD reviews shared by current students or graduates is a great way to gain detailed feedback. In July 2016, Manhattan design blogger Jacqueline Clair enrolled in NYIAD’s Complete Course in Interior Design- and decided to document the student experience on her blog.

Before you begin your research, it’s important to remember that when it comes to your educational options, the difference between and interior design certificate and degree is one worth considering. Depending on your career goals, it’s really important  that you comprehend the distinction before you invest in your education. So if you’re interested in working at a large firm for example, doing larger, full-scale commercial design projects- from architectural drafting onward- a degree might be the better choice. But if you’re more interested in residential design, or want to start your own business, you’ll fit right in with NYIAD’s large student body (note- if you do want to add AutoCAD to your skillset, you can take that course at NYIAD as well, at a 25% discount if you take it in addition to your interior design program).

“There’s a lot of debate out there over whether or not a formal Bachelor’s degree is necessary in order to be a successful interior designer,” Clair shared. “Some of the best designers out there like Nate Berkus, Erin Gates and Lauren Liess don’t have Bachelor’s degrees in interior design.”

Beyond the degree versus certification question, price is also worth considering when you weigh your long term goals and current financial options. “NYIAD’s entire program cost a little over $1,200,” Clair continued. “For comparison’s sake, the New York School of Interior Design costs $915 PER CREDIT. Their Basic Interior Design program is 24 credits - 24 times 915 = a little under $22,000. Yikes.”

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Once you enroll in NYIAD’s Interior Design Course, you’ll gain immediate access to our Online Learning Center. From there, you’re free to browse the student forum, explore the student benefits page, or dive right into your course and get started. Once you begin, here’s a bit on what to expect:

“There are 6 Units in the course,” Jacqueline shared. “Each unit has several topics within. At the end of each Unit, after you’ve gone through all of the topics, you do a project. You mail the project in to the school, and they mail it back to you with a grade and audio feedback. The audio feedback is a recording of your teacher, who has your work in front of you, and she talks to you as she goes over it, offering critiques and insight on how you did. That part is pretty cool, I have to say- it makes it feel totally personalized and it’s great to know an actual person is sitting down with your project.”

Mentorship is one of the elements of education NYIAD is most proud of providing to our students. Unlike other affordable online alternatives to residential degree programs, NYIAD provides students with one-to-one, personalized mentorship throughout the duration of the online interior design program. In addition to grading all your projects and providing feedback, our team of mentors (all currently working, licensed interior designers themselves), is available by phone and email whenever you might need extra help.

If you’re still confused about what interior design school option is best for you, feel free to reach out to our team with any questions or concerns.

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