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Get Your Home Fall-Ready

By Michelle Ecker on September 01, 2017

Get Your Home Fall-Ready

If you’re excited about the start of autumn and want your home to reflect that seasonal vibe, we highly recommend making a few seasonal updates to your space. Without spending a ton of time or money, there are several simple interior decorating tricks you can try so your home feels fresh for fall this year.

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Experiment with Faux Fur

This décor choice has grown in popularity among professional designers tremendously throughout 2017. Adding a simple fake fur throw blanket to the couch in your home office or the big sofa in front of your living room fireplace is a quick, inexpensive way to add a cozy touch to your space as the weather cools down.

Get Your Home Fall-Ready

Try Some New Paint

Though lots of homeowners steer clear of painting in order to avoid a lot of work (and a big mess), try not to get overwhelmed. One of the easiest and most sophisticated ways to update the look of your space with each season is to make a quick paint change. You don’t have to pick a large, overwhelming space like your entire master bedroom. If there’s a small stretch of wall in, say, your stairwell, consider brushing on a pop of rusty orange for an exciting new look.

Redecorate a Mantel-

If you’re redesigning a home with a fireplace, redecorating the mantel each season is a design must. Getting ready for fall, think earthy, cozy and rustic. We’re picturing birch logs in the fireplace itself, then large stacks of books and candlesticks up top to create the vibe of a warm, upscale library space.

Get Your Home Fall-Ready

Pick New Plants

If your clients are keen on including plant life as part of their interior design scheme, you’ll definitely need to swap in some seasonally appropriate picks for fall. This year, our favorites include snakeroot, goldenrod (pictured), and helenium!