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Throw the Perfect Valentine’s Day Party

By Michelle Ecker on January 24, 2017

The New York Institute of Art and Design offers online event planning courses and because we do, we like to provide free tips for event planners. Enjoy!

Throw the Perfect Valentine’s Day Party

If you’re an event planner, holiday seasons are the perfect opportunity to advertise your services by way of fun, festive party packages. If you don’t already, start keeping an organized archive of contact info on every prior and potential client you’ve spoken with in the past. That way, around holidays you can send out an email blast detailing some creative possibilities and price estimations available to plan a fun themed party for said clients and their friends.

This Valentine’s Day, here are some super simple creative ideas to use if you’re planning a themed event:

  • Party Punch- Mixing your own signature cocktail is always cheaper than paying for bar service. To make our favorite Valentine’s party punch, simply fill a large bowl with 2 liters of sprite and a bottle of pink champagne. Then add 1 sliced pineapple, a few handfuls of red berries and a few scoops of pink sherbet for an inexpensive and adorable-looking drink.
  • DIY Desserts- This doubles as a menu and activity option, killing two birds with one stone for the practical event planner. Keeping guests entertained is one of the most crucial and challenging parts of planning a successful event. The more structured activities you can offer guests, the less likely they’ll be sitting around, uncomfortably wondering what to do. Instead of (or depending on your budget, in addition to) setting out a premade dessert buffet, consider passing around baked but un-frosted cupcakes to each guest, then inviting them to check out a table full of various frostings, sprinkles and candies. By letting them decorate their own dessert, you’ll also be providing some simple, free entertainment.
  • Cheap Décor- Buying Valentine’s decorations within the week of the holiday itself is always pricy. Craft and party stores notoriously increase the cost of even the otherwise cheapest decorations around the time of the holiday for which they’ll be used. Try making your own with a few easy DIY’s instead. For one of our favorites, buy a bag of plain white balloons, blow them up to the desired size you want, then put on lipstick and cover them with kisses. Or, check out sites like this one for some free, printable banners you can use.

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