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How to Become a Professional Event Planner

By Nicole Krempasky on March 18, 2021

 How to Become a Professional Event Planner

The difference between a good event and a great one often comes down to the details, and that’s where an event planner usually steps in. Creativity and a good eye for detail aren’t enough to make you successful, though. You’ll need the right tools - and the right education - to get started. 

What Is Event Planning? 
Few things are more enjoyable, or talked about, than a good wedding or celebratory event, but unless we’re in the thick of it, we don’t often think of all the work involved in making them happen. Event planners are frequently thought of as mere party planners, but the reality is that it’s a nuanced job with a lot of detail involved. In addition to many different types of events to organize, event planners’ duties range from budgeting, conceptualizing themes, creating timelines, arranging appointments, and booking vendors for things like food, music, and photography. They are the full network of support for the host or hosts, ensuring things run smoothly and even offering a helpful ear or shoulder to lean on should it be needed. 

Do I Need to Take an Event Planning Course? 
Because event planning is more than just picking out a venue, food, drinks, and music, it helps to learn what other skills are needed from those who have experience. You may have a great eye for detail and know what trends are popular, but event planners need to be professional, possess strong communication skills, and be business savvy. With NYIAD’s Event Planning course, you’ll learn the basics about different types of events like fundraisers, weddings, baby showers, and corporate events. You’ll also learn how to network and market yourself for a busy, competitive job market. 

Though there are traditional elements to events that will likely remain unchanged, the global pandemic has also brought on a new set of details to be considered. Most venues now have updated contracts with new stipulations, states’ regulations frequently change regarding crowd sizes, and some hosts make it a point to ensure the safety of their guests by providing masks and sanitizer. More corporate events are moving online, but still require organization and coordination. All these changes create a larger, more intricate to-do list for an event planner, so top-notch skills based on a well-rounded education are a must.  
You’ll also need to know how to get the word out that you’re open for business and good at what you do, so NYIAD incorporates marketing and networking lessons to help you start your own business. The curriculum covers tips and advice for self-promotion and brand image on social media as well as blog maintenance, so you can be on the path towards creating a comprehensive business plan. 
Can I Learn Event Planning on the Job? 
Even though the number of events over the past year have been drastically reduced, the Bureau of Labor Statistics still predicts that demand for event planners is increasing. There is expected to be a big rise in the number of events taking place over the next few years, so event planners will likely need additional help from assistants. By working with an already-established planner, you can gain hands-on experience while improving your resume. None of this has to impact your education, though. You can work on earning your event planning qualifications at the same time since NYIAD’s classes are all online and self-paced. You can customize your studies and coursework around your work and family schedules. 

Get Planning with NYIAD 
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