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How to Plan the Perfect Valentine’s Event

By Michelle Ecker on February 05, 2020

How to Plan the Perfect Valentine’s Event

Students in NYIAD’s online event planning course are always looking for opportunities to bring their schoolwork to life by planning parties for family and friends. 

If you’re not a current student but you’re the type who jumps at the opportunity to put together and decorate a party no matter the occasion, consider enrolling in our online event planning course as a first step in turning this creative passion into a legitimate career. 

This Valentine’s Day, if you’re looking to get some event planning practice under your belt, check out this fun list of budget-friendly ways to take your Galentine’s or Valentine’s party to the next level.

Valentine’s Day Party Decor

One creative way to decorate your party space is by setting up a photo booth where your guests can snap some playful pictures with one another at your event. 

It shouldn’t take a ton of time or budget to craft a simple Valentine’s Day-themed photo corner for your party this year. To make a simple backdrop, shop around for a large, inexpensive bed sheet that fits the color theme you’re going for. This pale purple option from Amazon is covered with playful peach and teal hearts, and only costs $26. 

Start by hanging that sheet as a backdrop to cover a portion of your wallspace. From there, add some matching balloons and fill a nearby table with props your guests can use for their photo ops- confetti, heart-shaped glasses or handheld signs with fun, flirty sayings would be a great start. 

Valentine’s Day Party Food

When it comes to planning a seamless holiday event, incorporating the food in your overall party theme is a must. 

Layered berry parfaits are a great option to add to your Valentine’s spread because they give your guests the option of making their own. Plus, all the bright pink and red fruity ingredients look  pretty on any Valentine’s party buffet table.

To prep this, set out mason jars for your guests, along with bowls of vanilla and strawberry yogurt (be sure not to put these out until it’s time for your party goers to eat- yogurt needs to be kept cold and should be refrigerated until served). In white, pink and red serving dishes, set out sliced fruits like raspberries, strawberries or pomegranate seeds, accompanied by bowls of flavored granola. 

Red velvet waffles are also a Valentine’s event favorite for this year. Not only does the unique batter flavor give your brunch a sweet dessert-like twist, the deep red color matches perfectly with any Valentine’s decor. Try topping yours with a simple sugar glaze. 

Valentine’s Party Activities 

Every event planning professional knows that the key to a perfect party is to keep your guests entertained and busy. The best way to accomplish this is by providing them with some activities and things to do. This year, create a card-making station where your guests can write and decorate Valentine cards to give to their family, coworkers, significant others or friends. 

Head to your local drug store or shop online for cheap, blank Valentine cards. This set from Amazon only costs $15 and comes with 48 pink, lavender and red heart-shaped blank cards perfect for decorating. Scatter all those pretty Valentines out all over a long table, alongside packs of stickers, glitter, glue, funky colored gel pens, scissors and colorful paper- then let your guests get to work while they chat and eat. 

Wish You Could Plan Events as a Career? 

If planning parties is something you’ve always been passionate about, you should consider turning that passion into a career. At the New York Institute of Art and Design, we offer a completely online, self-paced event planning course where aspiring event professionals study what it takes to launch a successful career in the event planning industry. 

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in learning more about, call 1-800-583-1742 to speak with an admissions advisor about how the program works, and take the first step toward launching a creative career where you can excel.

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