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The Best Kid-Approved Party Themes

By Michelle Ecker on May 15, 2017

The Best Kid-Approved Party Themes

Kid’s parties always seem to have one crucial (but fun to plan) element in common- they all have an adorable theme. Whether the venue is your client’s backyard pool or the local ice skating rink, if you’re ever hired to coordinate a kid-friendly party, developing a theme should be one of your first missions. To give professional event planners some fun inspiration, we put together a list of some of our more recent (and kid-approved!) favorites:

  1. Spa Day

    This is a great idea for kids who love all things beauty. Plus, to save money on the venue, with the right planning and supplies a spa birthday party can be easily pulled off right in the client’s home. Starting with invitations, think pink and yellow nail polish stickers or cute cucumber graphics to set the theme.

    When it comes to decorating the host’s home, try making a DIY sign labeling the party room instead as whatever made-up name the birthday boy or girl wants to call their spa. You can make a Zen-like playlist of your own on your iPod or set up a Pandora station to gently play music for your guests as they arrive.

    For food options, think dainty- little finger sandwiches and small bites paired with pretty, colorful juice in elegant teacups.

    And activities are obvious- manicures and pedicures can easily be DIY’ed by parents (plus willing relatives and friends), as well as facials, hair styles, etc.

  2. Garden Party

    This is also an excellent option for clients who want to host the event at their own home. If you’re working with a birthday boy or girl who wants to move the party outdoors, this is a great backyard idea, which is preferable for kid’s parties that can often get messy indoors.

    When guests arrive, you can set the theme by offering them inexpensive flower crowns and sunglasses to wear to the garden party. As far as décor goes, we like the idea of a picnic setup. Consider laying out pretty quilts, beanbags and pillows around the lawn. For a cute DIY low-to-the-ground table idea, we saw other event planners use pretty painted wooden pallets laid across picnic blankets and covered in table cloths around the lawn.

    For food, think simple. We’re picturing sandwich and wrap trays along with fruit and veggies with various dips.

    As far as entertainment, some fun gardening DIY activities are a great plan. Consider grabbing a box of empty mason jars, some seeds, mulch and paint and having partygoers paint their own jars before planting the seeds of their choice.

  3. Unicorn Party

    If you’ve been paying any attention to hot social media trends lately, we don’t have to tell you how popular all things rainbow-unicorn have become this year. So why not try an entire unicorn-themed kid’s party?

    Décor is obvious here- all rainbow and glitter everything. Think balloons, streamers, banners- the more the merrier with this colorful, high-energy theme.

    Food is where you can really go DIY crazy. Since unicorn trends have blown up so much this year, lucky for you writers have already developed entire recipe lists of all-rainbow treats you can try. From unicorn bread to DIY Starbucks fraps, check out the best ones here.

    As far as activities- think colorful. Splatter paint art or t-shirt tye-dying are some of the first options that come to mind, but feel free to chat with the clients and get creative depending on the birthday boy or girls’ special interests!

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