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5 Simple Outdoor Party DIYs

By Michelle Ecker on March 30, 2016

The New York Institute of Art and Design offers an online event planning course and because we do, we like to provide free tips for event planners. Enjoy!

5 Simple Outdoor Party DIYs

To kick off the beginning of spring, we’re already brainstorming ways to move the party outside this year. As an event planner, warmer weather opens up an abundance of atmospheric doors for you and your clients. If you’re thinking of celebrating al fresco anytime soon, here are 5 simple do-it-yourself décor options to consider:

1. Repurposed Lawn Tools- This is the perfect solution for clients who are making an effort to keep the party outdoors for the sake of easy cleanup. Try repurposing old wheelbarrows as large, mobile coolers. Just fill them up with a few bags of ice, add drinks then hose them down when you’re finished.

2. Candles-To create unique shadow silhouettes at sundown, consider using a small drill to create patterned holes in tin buckets. Place tealights inside and arrange poolside or on picnic tables to create a swirling springtime glow.

3. Pool Decorations- Even if you won’t be using it, it’s important not to overlook the unique aesthetic opportunity of decorating the pool’s surface- think handfuls of colorful noodles, floating balloons or inexpensive beach balls and blow up toys.

4. S’mores Buffet- Do-it-yourself and ‘make-your-own’ bars are becoming increasingly popular at large events lately. Not only do they provide guests with a reason to get up and move around, they’re also relatively easier to coordinate and budget on the planning end. Get creative with DIY buffet options that correspond with an outdoorsy, warm weather theme. For s’mores, think topping upgrades- Nutella, peanut butter, sprinkles, candy, caramel sauce, etc.

5. Blankets- Remember, no matter how beautiful and warm the weather is midday, it will likely cool off at night, which can sometimes put a damper on an otherwise perfect outdoor event. To prepare for unexpected nighttime drops in temperature, consider setting out baskets full of inexpensive beach blankets for guests to grab.

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