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7 Bridal Brunch Ideas

By Michelle Ecker on March 21, 2016

The New York Institute of Art and Design offers online wedding planner courses and because we do, we like to provide free tips for wedding planners. Enjoy!

7 Bridal Brunch Ideas

Before a couple’s wedding day, hosting an event for the bride and her close friends offers a festive breath of fresh air and celebration amidst an often otherwise hectic period of planning and preparation. Providing time for friends to celebrate the bride to be, showers and luncheons serve as the perfect reminder of the happiness and excitement of the engagement. As a wedding planner, involvement in this planning process may be an additional task of yours. If the bride you’re working with is having trouble getting creative, here are 7 unique ideas you could suggest for a celebratory brunch event:

1. Tea party- If the bride is looking to keep this event’s price tag on the small end of the overall spending ratio, a tea party could be the perfect solution. Being that food at tea is characteristically simple snacks rather than elaborate meals, this theme can help you keep that aspect of spending on the more manageable side.

2. Parfait bar- Buffets and DIY bars are always a great option for social events because they simultaneously offer food and drink to your guests while incorporating some motion and activity into the day. Make-your-own parfait lines are simple brunch buffet option- simply set out bowls of various yogurts, granolas, fruits and add-ons (think white chocolate chips, shredded coconut) and let guests get creative.

3. Date Suggestion Cards- If you want the social dynamic of any event to remain enthusiastic and engaged, it’s important not to rely on guests’ conversation as a means of entertainment. By simply providing a few activity options, you ensure the initiation of good discussion among guests. One fun option is to leave some colorful pens and blank cards at tables, asking guests to jot down unique date night ideas for the couple. You can leave a large empty bowl on the buffet (or as individual centerpieces on each table) in which guests can drop their best suggestions at the end of the afternoon.

4. Pancake Wedding Cake- Catching more and more attention on social media lately, this adorable idea is perfect exclusively for any wedding-related breakfast or brunch. Featured by inspirational planning blogs like Happy Wed, this idea suggests stacking pancakes in a tiered style starting with one giant base, forming the shape of a wedding cake.

5. Marriage Advice Cards- Again, the best way to ensure a positive, enjoyable atmosphere at any event is to plan activities ahead of time. Similar to the date suggestion card idea, asking attendees to jot down their best piece of marriage advice is another great conversation starter to get guests chatting as they eat.

6. Mimosa Bar- DIY food and drink buffets are always well received by brunch guests and they tend to be much less expensive than traditional open bar options. To set one up, all you’ll need is a few bottles of champagne, several juice choices and a selection of fruit garnishes.

7. Fruit Salad Cocktails- Rather than displaying fruit salad in boring traditional serving bowls, get creative with your glassware choices. Try arranging martini glasses filled with colorful fruit along the buffet instead to add some additional festivity to the atmosphere.

Want to learn more? The New York Institute of Art and Design offers online wedding planning courses that can teach you how to plan and execute the perfect wedding. Request your free course catalog today!