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Why Should Interior Designers Learn AutoCAD?

By NYIAD Mentor on August 17, 2020

Why Should Interior Designers Learn AutoCAD?

With the field of interior design projected to grow by about four percent over the next decade, the market for these jobs is becoming more competitive. Employers look to hire the best skilled designers, meaning a course in AutoCAD could make you a more desirable candidate for a job. Learning AutoCAD is a great way to increase job prospects and hone your interior design skills.

What is AutoCAD?

AutoCAD is a design tool that eliminates the use of freehand drawing of plans for buildings and spaces. Users can create detailed measurements of design and concept layouts, providing a client with a more accurate picture of what can be expected from a finished product.  Experience with this computer-aided design software is becoming an essential skill that employers often expect. 

Why should you learn AutoCAD?

Aside from enhancing your professional portfolio, there are a number of reasons why AutoCAD is really beneficial for interior designers.


  • Time Efficiency


Many interior designers are used to completing layout drawings by hand with pencil and drafting paper. But implementing AutoCAD as part of your toolbox can cut down on time, increasing efficiency in completing projects, particularly if you’re interested in structural planning and building processes. In the past, if a client wanted changes to a project, a new draft would need to be created. With AutoCAD, individual elements can be changed much more easily without having to start all over again. Additionally, the copy-paste feature makes it easy and fast to make duplicates.


  • Teamwork


AutoCAD can be used by people in a variety of roles. Architects and engineers as well as interior designers can utilize it at various stages of planning, meaning it makes it much easier for teams to collaborate to ensure a cohesiveness in production from start to finish. This also makes a job candidate with AutoCAD experience a much more practical prospect for employers. 


  • Versatility


In addition to its usefulness within a singular business or project, AutoCAD is still one of the most utilized computer-aided design systems. Because it's been around since the 1980’s, most businesses and designers apply it as part of their daily practice. Having this skill in your repertoire will be useful wherever your career takes you. 

How to Learn AutoCAD

Whether you’re already an established interior designer or are just embarking on your career, our AutoCAD course can help you add this skill to your portfolio by introducing the essential elements of AutoCAD software. As you learn to automate the drafting process, you’ll be able to utilize a student version of the program while discovering how to apply its features, such as drawing aids, dimensions, and 3D modeling. 

Approved by AutoDesk, our online AutoCAD certification course allows graduates of the program to qualify to take Autodesk’s AutoCAD Certified User Certification exam. This optional addition is the industry’s premiere certification, so those who pass will be able to add this official and beneficial credential to their resumes.

If you’d like to work towards improving your design skills and speciale in AutoCAD, call 1-800-583-1742 to speak with a student services representative or enroll online today.

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