Interior Design Job Outlook

Job Outlook for Interior Designers

An interior designer is hired by clients to help envision, design and create spaces that are both beautiful and functional. Every day across the globe, interior designers are hired to help clients with a variety of spaces. This includes homes and apartments, large corporate workspaces and restaurants.

The following is a list of key roles and responsibilities of a professional interior designer:

  • Room sketches
  • Identify design trends, fabrics and furniture styles
  • Develop pricing models and contracts
  • Describe color theory and how to work with lighting
  • Discuss the different window and wall treatments available
  • Working with contractors and other vendors
  • Shopping for furniture, home decor, and other items
  • Make a final project presentation to clients

Interior Design Career Path

After graduating from NYIAD’s interior design course, there are several different career paths you will be fully qualified to pursue.

One option is to work for a large, established design firm. Your entry level title will most often be “design associate”. As a design associate, you would be responsible for specific design projects on the firm’s behalf. The average starting salary for interior designers in this role is between $35,700 to $49,500.

Another option would be to work as a Resident Designer at a furnishing or home goods store. In this role, you would serve as a “design consultant." You would work on-site to help clients pick out pieces and arrange them in whatever space they’re looking to update.

Finally, the most common career path chosen by NYIAD students is to launch and run your own interior design business. As the leader of your own firm, you are free to find clients of your own. You can draw up interior design agreements and execute all the planning independently.

Average wage for inteior designers in 2014 based on location

Average Interior Design Salary

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ 2017 report (the most recent data available), the average interior designer salary is $51,500. That figure is expected to grow by 4% annually over the next decade. Job market analysts predict a steady increase in the average interior designer salary as far as ten years into the future. This means a lucrative career may be waiting for you when you complete your course.

The New York Institute of Art and Design's online Interior Design Course will teach you all the skills necessary to dive into this exciting field.

Interior Design Salary by State

Like any industry, there are several factors that contribute to the salary an interior designer can expect to make. In design, location is one of the most significant influences on how much individual interior designers can expect to earn.

For example, if you work for high end commercial developers in a metropolitan area like New York City, you may make over $100,000 per year. However, if you practice residential interior design in more rural parts of the country, you will most likely earn less.

Average wage for inteior designers in 2017 by state

If you are flexible regarding location, the figure above shares some helpful information. Keep in mind, these figures are area averages. That means the number reflects the income of both entry level designers as well as more experienced professionals.