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Wedding Tip Wednesday: Bar Basics

By Michelle Ecker on September 30, 2015

It’s Wedding Tip Wednesday at NYIAD! Every Wednesday afternoon, tune in to the design blog to hear a new piece of planning advice from NYIAD’s Emily Bauer. Emily has worked in the wedding and event planning industry for nearly a decade, coordinating events with a wide spectrum of budgets and client needs.

For today’s tip, Emily shares,

Wedding Tip Wednesday: Bar Basics

"If you want the wedding reception to run smoothly, you need to avoid traffic jams at the bar. Think about it- you don’t want the bride’s best friend to miss out on a hilarious dance floor moment with the girls because she was stuck in line for 10 minutes waiting for her drink.

To avoid overcrowding (and an overwhelmed bartender), you need to reference your guest list and plan accordingly. Typically, a couple should book one bartender per 50 guests in order to maintain a nice traffic harmony.

However, if your couple wants to serve a unique signature cocktail that cannot be pre-prepared or made in bulk, you should definitely consider adding an additional bar back to the team in order to avoid a stressed out staff (and grouchy guests)."

Thanks, Emily! For more tips, check out our design blog.

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