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How To Save Money on Destination Weddings

By Michelle Ecker on May 02, 2018

How To Save Money on Destination Weddings

As a wedding planner, you should be prepared to coordinate events of all shapes and sizes. While many couples are willing to stay local, and are open to suggestions about your go-to venues, caterers and vendors, others are looking to tie the knot abroad.

Destination wedding planning is an entirely different ball game, and among other obstacles, maintaining budget can be tricky while trying to coordinate a dream event that includes travel and lodging expenses. So before all these extra amenities start to topple your financial plan, reference this list of moneysaving tips for destination weddings:

How to Save Money on Destination Weddings

Shop Package Deals

Travel and hospitality is an industry jam-packed with package deal options. Try to find a package that bundles several necessary amenities and offers them all at one discounted rate- think airfare, lodging, car rental, even some excursions or tours if possible.

When it comes to destination weddings, remember that guests are making sacrifices and spending a substantial amount of money to be there for the couple. It’s considered best etiquette to provide those guests with some organized group activity options. The more you can get some of those activities included in your bundled rate, the better.

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Travel Off-Peak

If the couple is flexible with their date, try to convince them to pick something off-season. You’ll save a great deal of money in transportation and hotel costs if you’re willing to make this timing adjustment.

If saving money is a priority for your couple, you should absolutely avoid holidays, and that includes ones celebrated specifically at the destination location as well. Let’s say they’re hoping to get married in Sao Paulo, for example. February might seem like an off-season time to visit, but for half of that month, flights and hotels for that location are much higher because of their Carnival street party celebrations. So be smart and do your research, then try to pick a time when visiting your given location comes at a more low-key, off-season time.

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