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Weddings - Contemporary Centerpieces

By Caroline Wolfe Papocchia on October 26, 2009

Simple, Sweet, and Chic: Contemporary Centerpieces

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In this age of environmental consciousness, many designers are turning to vintage motifs, recycled goods, and simple, organic materials. Coupled with the economic recession, this movement has evolved to be both ecologically and economically sensitive. An aesthetic of polished, sweet simplicity has taken hold, and modern brides are reveling in the undeniable charms of a pared-down approach to wedding design.

A great example of this trend is the popularity of centerpiece and bouquet arrangements created from bunched wildflowers or loose, seemingly haphazard collections of soft blooms and foliage. Single flower-type arrangements of daisies, hydrangea, or butterfly bush are particularly beautiful examples of this movement. Often seen at classic barn or rustic-themed weddings, these sweet floral creations are now showing up at a wide variety of venues – from outdoor weddings to country clubs to hotel ballrooms.

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Glass bottles, old mason jars, plain pottery, vintage tins, and antique ceramic or pewter cups and jugs are the perfect containers for these wild arrangements. Some brides are even going all-natural, using vases formed from hollow logs or tree bark.

However created, these elegant centerpieces are perfectly au courant in their homage to the simple pleasures of nature, beauty, and romance.


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