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The Dos and Don’ts of Winter Weddings

By Michelle Ecker on December 10, 2015

The New York Institute of Art and Design offers online wedding planner courses and because we do, we like to provide free tips for wedding planners. Enjoy!

The Dos and Don’ts of Winter Weddings

Seasonality is a crucial aspect of successful wedding planning. Depending on the couple’s tastes, you’ll need to adjust your planning tactics in order to accommodate the elements. If you’re coordinating a holiday wedding this winter, here are some things to keep in mind:


1. Let the season inspire you. Should you decorate every December wedding like you’re decking the halls for Christmas? No. Is it still nice to gain inspiration from the seasonal elements of certain holidays? Of course. Work with your couple to see how much festive seasonality they’d like to incorporate in their décor.

2. Serve season-appropriate cuisine. Margaritas and guacamole at a winter wonderland happy hour just might not feel right. Think comfort food- more like mulled wine and warm shrimp skewers.


1. Overdress. Many brides feel the need to avoid sleeveless or short-sleeved gowns during the winter, but this is often a mistake that will leave them feeling sweaty and overheated on the dance floor. Your venue should be warm enough to accommodate the outdoor elements, so tell the bride to wear whatever she wants.

2. Buy flowers out of season. If the couple is interested in a specific plant that grows in the summer, you’ll save much more money if you ask the florist to recommend similar-looking seasonal blooms.

Want to learn more? The New York Institute of Art and Design offers online wedding planning courses that can teach you how to plan and execute the perfect wedding. Request your free course catalog today!