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What is UX Design?

By Nicole Krempasky on December 03, 2020

What is UX Design?

If you’re interested in a career in website or app design, you’ve probably heard of UX before. But perhaps you’re a little fuzzy on explaining or understanding how exactly this integral design role works and how it’s different from other developer roles. 

What Is UX Design? 
UX design is short for user experience. Though it is similar to web design and other technical design roles, it is very specific in its function. UX design is all about people and how individual human beings interact with websites and apps. The difference between good UX design and bad can make or break a business. For instance, think about any time you’ve been on an app that’s difficult to use. It’s not likely you’ll continue to use it, probably leading you to delete it. The same even goes for your computer or phone. The more complicated or confusing something is to use, the less likely you are to buy that product again or recommend it to friends. So, UX designers work to make sure the consumer is provided with a product that fulfills their needs in the most streamlined way possible. 

How Does UX Design Work? 
It is a UX designer that fills in the gap between a user and a web developer, making the technology more relatable. In order to successfully achieve this, UX designers need to be well-versed in design theory and communication in addition to technology. While they must know the technical principles behind creating a website or app, they also have to know what the user needs and wants as well as why that’s important. This is achieved through design processes like layout, imagery, navigation, and content. These are just some of the many ways technology is designed to create a positive user experience.  

Why Take a UX design course? 

It’s a complicated task to balance the desires of a user while making sure a product fulfills the needs of a business, so making sure you have the necessary skills to enter UX Design is important. With NYIAD’s online UX Design course, you’ll be on track to creating prototypes of user interfaces, enhancing the function of interfaces with color and graphics, and applying the theories and methods of design to develop positive UX design.  

Because classes are self-paced, you can study anytime and anywhere that works for you, all while developing a working portfolio to help give you a competitive edge in the job market. UX designers are in high demand, too, because design is so integral to the function and marketability of a product. Glassdoor projects the average salary for a UX designer to be about $85,277, making it a lucrative career prospect.  

If you’re ready to kick off or advance your career in web or app design, enroll online today or call 1-800-583-1742 to talk to a student services representative to learn more about UX design.

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