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Designing the Perfect Backyard

By Michelle Ecker on August 18, 2017

Designing the Perfect Backyard

Want to add some extra life to a dull landscape design? Early fall is sneaking up on us and it’s such a great time of year for outdoor entertaining, so now is the perfect time to update your space in preparation. If you’ve ever considered launching your own legitimate business to help clients in your area beautify their outdoor spaces, consider checking out our online landscape design course.

Our students learn all the basic design techniques and their application to the development of landscaped properties. The program also provides instruction on the identi?cation and application of the plants and structural materials used to execute landscape design projects. In addition, the program provides instruction on the basic business concepts and practices necessary to operate a landscape design business as well as theory and knowledge needed to maintain existing landscaped systems.

Getting started, here are 3 fun ideas to experiment with getting your property party-ready for autumn:


We love the whimsical, naturally cozy look of a woodland landscape design theme. If you’ve never heard of a pergola, it’s an adorable garden feature that forms a shaded walkway, passageway or sitting area. It’s usually made of vertical posts or pillars that support a cross-beam style roof or open lattice top. These are great to include in this type of look. We like the idea of a wooden pergola with freely growing ivy climbing up the sides. You can easily create a cozy seating area underneath with comfy outdoor furniture and oversized pillows.


If you’re decorating a space for more upscale, elegant clients who like to entertain guests, try to keep their intentions in mind when you’re choosing materials for any walking paths or outdoor hangout spaces. Something many landscape designers forget when designing spaces to be used for more formal guests is the functionality of said walking paths. If you’re creating a party area or outdoor walking path for women who will be in heels for example, a stone path isn’t a comfortable pick. Thoughtful design is key to happy clients, and usability is extremely important when it comes to planning perfect outdoor areas.


If you want to achieve an upbeat, vibrant, Miami-inspired tropical vibe for your space, we recommend you consider investing a good amount of budget in fun features like lighting and fountains. Landscape design consumer interest has continually grown in water features such as mini waterfalls or even small ponds lately, and with good reason. To guests, fountains are a lavish, exciting, high-end accessory that adds an unexpected element of aesthetic surprise. But in reality, they’re not that expensive- you can add a decently-sized fountain to your client’s space for around $150.