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Why You Should Invest in Sustainable Furniture

By Lotta Lundaas on May 18, 2018

Why You Should Invest in Sustainable Furniture
Upgraded IKEA cabinet with Norse design "Eva" in color Silver Sage. Image source: Norse Interiors

Within the past couple of decades, going green has gained more popularity by making small contributions to preserve the longevity of our planet’s beautiful resources. The goal of ‘Smart City Living’ is for the residents to take initiative in reducing emissions and waste, in order to create an eco-friendly way of living. By taking simple steps, such as upcycling or opting for an energy efficient alternative, not only helps the environment, but helps you save money.

Instead of throwing out your furniture, why not transform it into something that matches your new style and give it a facelift? Not only does this save you money, but it saves you time from trying to find a new piece that is high quality and fits your dimensions. Upcycling is a creative way of reusing objects, giving them a new purpose with higher quality for the user and the environment.

When it comes to upcycling, there are no limits to bringing back life into old furniture with your own special touch. Here are some of our favorite ideas:

  1. Picture Frames
  2. Why You Should Invest in Sustainable Furniture

    From creating a message board to making a serving tray, there are many DIY hacks to avoid throwing out frames you no longer use. These mini projects do not require a lot of materials and you can reuse them for other projects to show off your creative side!

  3. Repurposing Cabinets
  4. Why You Should Invest in Sustainable Furniture

    Cabinets are the staple of many rooms, so why not make sure that will be versatile to match any theme you choose? Durability is a huge component for a cabinet, so doing inspections and research before you decide to use it is important. From painting vintage cabinets or night stands to updating recently purchased storage units with extra paneling to last longer, you can personalize pieces that define your style.

    Up-and-coming companies, such as Norse Interiors, are entering niche markets to customize functional furniture from IKEA with beautifully designed cabinet fronts and knobs.

  5. Upholstering Chairs
  6. Why You Should Invest in Sustainable Furniture

    Not ready to spend money to buy an expensive dining room set? You can transform your set by updating the fabrics and putting on a fresh coat of paint to make it look brand new! You only need 4 objects to do give your set that new look: a staple gun, new upholstery fabric, cotton wadding, and upholstery tack strip.

Adopting a more sustainable lifestyle, which can be implemented at home or your office, can be cost effective in the long-run while also helping the planet. If you are looking into replacing your furniture, it is important to buy smart to make sure that these products are eco-friendly, but will also last for years! You can mix and match old pieces, such as a cabinet that has a broken door, with new updates that will not make you break the bank!

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