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Tips for Styling a Small Bedroom

By Michelle Ecker on February 14, 2019

Tips for Styling a Small Bedroom

If you’re designing an especially small bedroom for a client, one of your main goals will likely be to make the room look at large as possible using the resources at hand. Luckily, there are a few tried and true interior design tricks you can employ to make any small space look larger. If you consider concepts of balance, visual weight and scale and apply these notions to your style choices, you can truly maximize any space.

First off, try incorporating lots of white in your color scheme. This is probably one of the most simple changes you can make when redesigning a small room with the intention of creating extra visual space. Obviously you’ll likely want to include some pops of accent in addition to this all-white concept. When you inevitably do so, pick pales- soft neutral tones.

Color carries visual weight in the same way an object can. Even when it comes to something like paint on a wall- something that physically takes up no additional space- darker colors still add more visual weight to a room than lighter ones do. Lighter rooms look larger than heavier ones- so if you’re looking to virtually grow a space, go soft and light.

Another good trick for adding some visual interest in a tiny space is by playing with variations in height. From standing floor lamps to headboards to end tables, by varying the heights of objects throughout the room, you’re causing the eye to move throughout the area, which is a great trick for curating a larger sense of movement and space.

Finally, the accents you choose can be really helpful here. One of the most popular choices of designers looking to visually expand a room’s size- the mirror. This is a pretty self-explanatory and intuitive choice. Beyond that, don’t be scared to use large-scale art. If you center a large, bold piece over the bed for example, you add a fantastic element of interest to the room without taking up much space.

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