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The Factors of Balance

By Michelle Ecker on August 16, 2016

The New York Institute of Art and Design offers an online interior design certification and because we do, we like to provide free tips for aspiring designers. Enjoy!

The Factors of Balance

When it comes to executing a well-balanced interior design plan, a great deal of the organizational effort will grow to become a matter of second nature and common sense- simply don’t overload any part of a room to the point where the visual weight is uneven.

However for beginners, this is an aesthetic occasionally hard to recognize. If you find yourself struggling to establish a harmonious balance, here are some things you should try to remember:

  • Vary the heights of any major objects in the room.
  • Spread color throughout the room as well. It adds visual weight in the same way a sizable object can.
  • Formal balance is produced when you place matching pieces on either side of a center point- like two matching end tables on either side of a large couch.
  • If you want to explore informal balance by using unmatched tables, simply try to make sure that their tops are at about the same height.

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