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Hands On with Homepolish

By Michelle Ecker on July 17, 2015

The New York Institute of Art and Design offers an online interior design course and because we do, we like to provide free tips for interior designers. Enjoy!

Hands On with Homepolish

The other day, a Forbes headline appeared on our news feeds confidently proclaiming a new start-up company whose founders could catalyze a complete reinvention of the interior design world.

They called themselves Homepolish- a title as glossy, contemporary and cool as the designs we then immediately scrolled through on their Instagram account. The company was created by designers, for designers- meaning its components are meant to convenience both stylists and clients alike. They're currently working with over 250 designers focused in 11 cities nationwide, and they're not nearly done growing. Soon they'll revamp Homepolish Magazine- an online style hub where anyone can browse inspiration, ideas and home projects, then seamlessly connect with the designers responsible for the rooms displayed in the photos they like.

Considering the consistent stream of talent we channel into the competitive pool of interior designers via our graduates, we got in touch with Homepolish Cofounder and CEO Noa Santos to trade insight on the industry, and on what we could expect from Homepolish and NYIAD in the future.

Hands On with Homepolish

Noa genuinely seemed to understand the ambition and well-intentioned drive of our students. "I understand that there is an incredible amount of untapped interior design talent out there that wants to be transforming the way people live their lives," he said.

And he's right- so many of our students are tremendously eager to begin working after graduation. But the process of establishing a preliminary client connection can be a challenging one to initiate. For many, that's where Homepolish can help. "We're making top interior design talent accessible and affordable nationwide," Noa explained. "Readers can engage with content then immediately book a designer to meet them in their home or through a video chat tool."

Hands On with Homepolish

And by readers, he's not referring to any ordinary, routine demographic. There are seemingly no limits to the types and sizes of Homepolish-designed projects in their portfolios. Their uniquely challenging ventures range from spatially accommodating a previously-cramped renter's 400 square foot studio, to lavishly decorating trendy corporate offices, restaurants and million dollar penthouses. So within whatever design niche our students most enthusiastically fit, Homepolish has either been there, or they're likely on their way- and we want our students to be aware of these opportunities, as Noa provided us with nothing but positive feedback. "NYIAD is a great foundation," he began. When it comes to the competitive moments of choosing interior designers to employ, "having that solid set of fundamentals often means growing more rapidly as a designer once you find your footing."

Hands On with Homepolish

For graduates who are interested, Noa strongly encouraged our students to apply to Homepolish- and for our current students, he mentioned some great internship opportunities as well- and we can't reiterate this offer adamantly enough. The knowledge and familiarity gained from this sort of hands-on work experience is crucially important to a firm establishment as a marketable individual, and can serve as a wonderful foundation for a lifelong career within the world of design.

Want to learn more? The New York Institute of Art and Design offers an online interior design certification that will give you the skills you need to become a professional interior designer. Request your free course catalog today!

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