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Look of the Week: Playroom Reading Nook

By Michelle Ecker on October 27, 2015

From end tables to throw pillows to paint samples and more, tune in to the design blog every Tuesday afternoon to check out our choice for NYIAD’s featured look of the week.

This week’s favorite comes to us from Goat & Lulu.

Look of the Week: Playroom Reading Nook

As a designer, there’s nothing more exciting than getting the green light to experiment aesthetically with willing clients. Since many customers skew towards a more traditional, conservative taste, it can be extremely thrilling to accept those more unique, whimsical challenges. Although these can be few and far between, enter the exception- the kids’ room.

Children grow up fast, and their tastes invariably change- so as a designer, it’s enormously enjoyable to take advantage of the opportunity to employ that youthful, imaginative design before it’s outgrown by your tiny clients.

So as a salute to childhood spirit, this week’s #LOTWDesign offers tiny readers a dreamlike escape similar to those they’ll explore in their storybooks.

Lime green garland, a illusory dangling princess tent and a wall full of charmingly cute imagery come together in the spirit of daydreaming to create Goat&Lulu’s playroom reading nook for kids.

If you’re coordinating a similar study spot in a client’s playroom, embrace that feeling of unshackled creativity- flexibility in appropriate color, pattern and décor spirit allows for a great deal of personal innovation and fun when it comes to youthful design.

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