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Look of the Week: Cables and Cords

By Michelle Ecker on October 20, 2015

From end tables to throw pillows to paint samples and more, tune in to the design blog every Tuesday afternoon to check out our choice for NYIAD’s featured look of the week.

This week’s favorite comes to us from Homedit.

Look of the Week: Cables and Cords

When revamping an interior space, we’re often faced with the frustrating challenge of integrating elegant style with everyday function and flow. While we obviously want our homes to look sophisticated, it’s impractical to sacrifice function and livability along the way.

Cables and cords have long time been one of the most notorious eyesore offenders in the interior design industry- and they’re ultimately inevitable. Lamps, televisions, phones, chargers and appliances- the list of plugged-in essential home items goes on.

For the most part, designers have managed this cumbersome challenge by way of concealment. In recent years, cord shields have made their way onto the home improvement market, offering some simple coverage options to exasperated stylists.

Look of the Week: Cables and Cords
Look of the Week: Cables and Cords

This week’s #LOTWDesign confronts the infamous cord challenge with much more innovation and flair, challenging stylists to reinvent otherwise lifeless strings of cords as unique pieces of wall art.

These fun examples from Homedit range from effortlessly easy to super intricate in their styles, so feel free to get creative without feeling intimidated - you don’t have to be an expert artist in order to assemble something unique. If you’re currently lacking vision and unsure of how to get started, check out Homedit’s tutorial for some distinctive inspiration.

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