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Design a More Practical Mudroom

By Michelle Ecker on March 01, 2019

Design a More Practical Mudroom

When it comes to comprehensive, thoughtful home design, no small space should go unnoticed. Many homeowners often overlook less trafficked areas such as the laundry room and the mudroom when it comes to investing in home decoration. But if you're looking to create a space that has a thoughtful, cohesive feel all throughout, it's crucial to show these spaces some love as well. Without investing very much time or money, you can make small changes to bring even the smallest areas of a home to life. Starting with the mudroom, here are some simple adjustments you can make to optimize for both aesthetic appeal and storage utility. 

Try installing some type of open shelving if you have the ability to do so. These are extremely helpful storage solutions, especially for families with younger, school-aged children. This is a space where kids can store backpacks, sports equipment or shoes with ease.

You've probably seen those open, locker-style storage installations all over Houzz lately. These are especially helpful for separating kids' belongings, helping them to keep organized in their own special area. 

If you don't have much space to work with, think higher up. Instead of placing storage solutions such as shoe racks or catch-all tables along the floor where they'll crowd the area and take up foot traffic real estate, try hanging a clean-looking series of coat hooks along a narrow wall. Beyond that, your choice of light fixture is also an opportunity to add some aesthetic interest to a space with few other stylistic opportunities. 

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