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Adding Style To Your Laundry Room

By Michelle Ecker on May 10, 2017

Adding Style To Your Laundry Room

Not everyone can afford a home or apartment with a giant space solely dedicated to laundry. Although it’s ideal (and it’s a fun design project to tackle when presented), what you’ll more commonly find is the challenging task of styling a laundry space that’s more cramped and difficult to upgrade.

But as a certified interior decorator, tackling unique challenges like this is all part of the job description. Getting started, here are some simple tips for taking these small, functional spaces to the next level:

  1. Sliding Door In many small city apartments, you’ll find the washer and dryer sort of tucked into what looks like its own little door-less closet space. While any city dweller will likely be delighted to have a washer dryer in their unit at all, it’s still worth considering some coverage in the name of aesthetic appeal. Rather than installing a regular door that could swing open and take up likely limited space, try opting for something that slides- and consider getting creative with style as well.
  2. Add Counter Space This is a simple update worth making in the name of organizational appeal and practicality. If your clients usually keep detergent and fabric softener bottles on top of the units themselves (something common), that’s not really a design best-practice. Instead, if space allows, simply install a shelving unit nearby. Not only can you add pretty containers for holding detergent and supplies, you’ll offer a convenient sorting and folding spot as well.
  3. Install a Rod Again, this is another simple DIY fix, but the added practicality goes a long way. If space allows, consider installing an overhead hanging rod next to the washer/dryer and adding some pretty, colorful hangers.
  4. Shared Space More recently while checking out layout trends, we’ve noticed more homes and apartments offering a washer dryer right inside the master bathroom. Again, if this throws off the aesthetic vibe you’re going for, consider that sliding door alternative for some coverage. Beyond that, there are lots of benefits here when it comes to organizational practicality. Your clients are much less likely to leave dirty clothes laying around for example, if they can toss them right in the washer before hopping in the shower.

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