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How to Update Your Home for Fall

By Michelle Ecker on September 30, 2019

How to Update Your Home for Fall

If you’re a student in NYIAD’s interior design or home staging course, styling and decorating your own home is a great way to keep your eye for design sharp as you work your way through your online course. 

Many of NYIAD’s interior design students tell us that when they go over a particularly enlightening lesson- let’s say furniture weight and balance for example- they often do an audit of their own home to see if there are ways they can apply these concepts in their own home. This is a great exercise to bring any interior design lessons to life with hands-on practice. 

One of the easiest ways to practice interior design in your home is to make seasonal updates. For fall 2019, here are a few simple, budget-friendly changes you can make to give your home a festive autumn vibe. 

Take Advantage of a Fireplace 

If your home has a fireplace, making an update to the decor on the mantle is a simple way you can add rustic seasonal flair without making a ton of complicated, time-consuming changes.

Let’s say throughout the summer, you decorated your mantle space with a beachy bowl of seashells and an ocean scented candle. Consider putting those pieces away in storage for the year in place of more appropriate fall accents- a few pumpkins in varying heights and sizes, and maybe a tall vase filled with earthy, interesting-looking branches. 

Pay Attention To Your Entryway 

A too-often forgotten space in amateur design, the entryway provides you with a great opportunity to make an aesthetic impression on guests the moment they enter your home. Many designers worry that the entry space they have to work with is too cramped and small to accommodate any epic changes. 

A simple way to add some flair while creating the illusion of space is to add a round mirror on the wall. Beneath, if space allows, consider installing a small shelf if it won’t disturb the flow of foot traffic. There you can add a fun catch-all for keys and jewelry, along with some framed photos and a small bouquet of whatever florals are in season. 

Experiment With a Bohemian Kitchen Vibe 

One of the more interesting kitchen design trends this year involves a funky bohemian twist on dishware. Rather than serving up meals on a crisp, all-white matching set of ceramic plates, try hunting for more interesting pieces with more personality- think a large salad bowl with an interesting sunflower pattern, or paisley coffee mugs in an outdoorsy autumn color palette. These simple, easy-to-make changes will go a long way in adding some thoughtful nods to the season in your kitchen and dining spaces. 


Attempt a Coffee Table Book Stack 

You have probably seen the ever-popular coffee table book stack look all over your interior design Instagram and Pinterest feeds throughout this year. This fall, make an attempt at putting together your own! 

Book stacks are a fun decor option because they really give you the opportunity to inject your own personality and interests into your design. Are you a cooking and baking enthusiast? Be sure to add Anthropologie’s Wine Food to your display. 

Keep Practicing Everyday

As you can see, it doesn’t necessarily require a ton of time or money to make some meaningful updates to your home throughout the year. Not only is this a great way to take the concepts covered in your interior design course and bring them to life with hands-on practice, but it also helps you create a more inviting space to spend time with your family within your own home. 

If NYIAD’s interior design course is something you could benefit from, you should reach out to our helpful student services team for more information. Whether you’re a hobbyist looking for formal training or this is a creative career you’ve always wanted to pursue, our team can help you get there. You can call them from Monday-Friday, 10 a.m - 6 p.m EST at 1-800-583-1742. 

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