4 Fall Interior Design Trends

By Michelle Ecker on October 27th, 2016

The New York Institute of Art and Design offers online interior design course and because we do, we like to provide free tips for aspiring designers. Enjoy!

4 Fall Interior Design Trends

Autumn is a great time of year to give your clients’ homes a fresh, seasonally appropriate update, especially in preparation for the holidays when many people anticipate hosting guests. Getting started, here are 4 fun ways you can add some sparkle to someone’s interior aesthetic without breaking their budget:

  1. Marble- This swirling stone has always been considered an extravagant, upscale addition to any home. However, don’t let a high-end reputation make you think it’s out of reach for a more low-budget project. Think accents, like a cutting board or some coasters on an end table.
  2. Fireplace Décor- So many people with non-functional fireplaces totally overlook the incredible design potential of this unique area in a home. Just because it’s unable to provide an actual fire doesn’t mean you should cover it up or ignore it- try filling it with stacked logs, adding bookshelves inside or filling it with large pillar candles.
  3. Trendy Tableware- An easy way to update the dining room décor depending on the seasonal vibe you’re trying to achieve is to have clients simply start using new tableware. You can pick up some uniquely patterned serving plates or fun goblets to lay out on display, giving the room a fresh look for a relatively low price.
  4. Metallic- We’ve been seeing tons of metallic accent pieces in autumn interior designs this year. Again, an incorporation of this trend is an easy and cheap way to update any space with some fresh seasonal influence- think serving spoons, picture frames or brass candleholders.

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