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Holiday Gift Guide for the Designer

By Janet Ramin on April 24, 2009

Our holiday gift guide is hand-picked for the designer in you. These products are unique and created by artists and craftsmen who have design uppermost in their mind. Whether they're for your own home or for that special someone, these accessories will certainly stand out and elicit oohs and aahs when received.

Starting with your entry way or foyer, we always want to make a good first impression but what can you do with all those keys, letters and general clutter? Chiasso created this multitasking key caddy/wall organizer. Made out of stainless steel, this organizer brings under control all those pesky multiple keys, reminder notes (don't forget to mail holiday cards!) and pens. The long vertical steel form creates a sculptural feel plus allows magnets to stick to its body.

1. Key Caddy/Wall Organizer ($58) –

© Chiasso

For the most important room in the house – the living room – we have whimsical (and inexpensive!) ways to dress up your walls. From the design store, Umbra, and designed by Marion Lanktree, these wallflower decorations can be arranged in a myriad of patterns to create a field of flowers on your walls. The wallflowers come in white, chrome, kiwi, and pink.

2. Wallflower décor ($21) –

© Umbra
© Umbra

To create a zen atmosphere amidst the holiday stress, we turn to the art of Japanese flower arranging, ikebana. From the specialty store, Uncommon Goods, these nature-made ikebana vases are from colorful agate stones. Polished and cut to hold flowers, these vases will harmonize your living space.

3. Agate Ikebana Vases ($55) –

© Uncommon Goods

Moving on to the bedroom, we have more flowers—a burgeoning garland—but this one will dress up that lonely light bulb in the center of your ceiling. Designed by Dutch artist, Tord Boontje, this garland of flowers and leaves are etched onto stainless steel and coated in silver, brass, or white finish. The garlands can be artfully arranged in different ways to cover your light fixture.

4. Garland light fixture ($75) –

© Conran USA

For the dining room, we have elegant ways to adorn the dining table. Designed by Karim Rashid, the Chorus Candelabra has an Art Deco feel. Made of zinc with a matte chrome plating, it holds four candlesticks to light up the faces of your guests. For those coffee lovers, this espresso set is made of porcelain with a chrome glaze. Each cup has a saucer that doubles as its lid to keep that espresso warm!

5. Chorus Candelabra ($100) –

© Unica Home

6. Espresso set ($65) –

© Conran USA

Let's not forget the bathroom. We have a wild graphic print to disguise that ordinary wastebasket. The Artala can is made of polypropylene and designed by artists, Joshua Davis and David Quan.

7. Artala Can ($14) –

© Umbra

Just because it's the holidays, doesn't mean that the home office or den should be ignored. If part of your New Year's resolution is to organize that paper clutter, then look no further than these Dove Stacking Baskets designed by Andries and Hiroko Van Onck. These see-through baskets make it easy to identify its contents. They also have attached wheels for easy portability and more baskets can be added by stacking above it.

8. Dove Stacking Baskets ($71) –

© Unica Home
© Unica Home

For the green thumb in the house, we have a very sexy watering can from Sweden. Made of stainless steel and powder coated in a red, white or brushed steel finish, this watering has a silicone flexible spout attached for very precise aiming – beautiful and oh so functional! Designed by French artist, Paschal Charmolu, the watering can boasts a slim body for easy storage.

9. Swedish Watering Can ($96) –

© A+R Store

For those blessed with only a small backyard or even a balcony, there's still room for this petite notebook grill from the design store, A Plus R. A portable cook top with cut-out handles for carrying off into the yard or camping, it can grill up to six hamburgers at a time—a big hit for all cooks and grillers. The grill's X-design folds up flat for compact storage.

10. Notebook Grill ($61) –

© A+R Store

Remember, good design can always be discovered if you know where to look. Happy Holidays and Happy Hunting from all of us at New York Institute of Art and Design.