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5 Reasons Why All Creative Professionals Need To Learn Photography

By NYIAD Mentor on February 04, 2015

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At the New York Institute of Art and Design, we train thousands of creative professionals. Without a single exception, each pro could benefit from fundamental training in photography. Here’s 5 reasons why:

1. Portfolios

Portfolios, both physical and online, require excellent photos. If you’re an event or wedding planner, you’ll need photos of the events you’ve planned, down to the tiny details like table settings and invitations. If you’re an interior designer, you need whole-room photos and vignettes to show off your skills. If you’re a jewelry designer, your photos must show off your work to maximum effect. If you’re a feng shui practitioner, you’ll need before-and-after photos of rooms that you’ve redesigned.

2. Inspiration

Photography is the perfect way to capture inspiration when it happens. You’re walking down the street and someone’s outfit catches your attention—the color scheme would be perfect for your next necklace, for your next room design, for flowers at the next event you’re planning. Pull out your smartphone or camera, take the picture, and store it in a digital or printed Idea Book for future reference. Make notes as appropriate. Or display photos on an Idea Board, as shown in this photograph, and surround yourself with ideas for your next project.

3. Advertising & Marketing

If you’re a creative professional who makes something for sale, such as a crafter or jewelry designer, the ability to take great product photos of your work will save you time and money. Post your product photos and descriptions in an online e-marketing website. Use an image of your products for advertising, like a postcard steering people to a trunk show of your jewelry at a neighborhood boutique or the stall you’ll be selling from at a local arts and craft fair.

4. Website Content

You’ll need photographs in many aspects of a website: products, services, a photo of yourself and your associates, and so on.

5. Artistic Expression & Personal Use

Finally, you’ll want to master photography for your personal use as an artistic person. It’s rare when you can use a skill both for professional and personal use, and photography is a prime example. Take better portraits of your spouse and children. Document your vacations in style. Capture the precious moments around holidays, celebrations, and family parties. And photography can be purely utilitarian: Take pictures of all your personal household items and home office furniture and equipment for insurance purposes—something most people should do, but haven’t gotten around to accomplishing!

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