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Point Click Design! A Special Report on Computer-Assisted Design Tools

By NYIAD Staff on March 20, 2003

Point Click Design! A Special Report on Computer-Assisted Design Tools
The NYIAD School's Complete Course in Interior Design takes you through a complete multi-dynamic learning experience-using visual and audio accompaniments along with one-on-one instruction and beautifully illustrated printed lessons.

Along these same lines, hot off the press, is NYIAD's Special Report: Point Click Design! Effective immediately, all new students will receive this Report as part of their Course at no additional charge. You'll learn the impact computers are having on the world of interior design with 84 pages of invaluable instruction and helpful tips. We'll tell you exactly what you need to know to become computer savvy and leave a positive impression on your clients. An array of vibrant photographs and illustrations makes this report both fun and informative.

You don't need to own a computer to benefit from this Special Report. But even if you never plan to purchase a computer, you need to know how our field is changing around computer-aided design! By reading this easy-to-understand Report, you'll get the know-how and confidence to discuss the possibilities with your clients and explain how you (or they) could use these programs to visualize the interior designs that you are planning.

The experts that created Point. Click. Design! spent many hours researching the various software programs available. You'll learn how you can design an entire room using your computer. Discover with the click of a mouse how to alter wall colors, modify floor plans, place lighting, arrange furniture, measure rooms, and calculate for materials.

Point Click Design! A Special Report on Computer-Assisted Design Tools

From the high end, top dollar programs to the free programs that can be downloaded from the Internet, the NYIAD designers cover them all. We'll tell you which programs are best for you, what each offers, and what are their strengths and weaknesses. We'll explain why you don't need expensive top-of-the-line software.

Possibly you don't have a computer but are looking to purchase one. That's great because Point.Click.Design! will guide you through all the steps to buying a computer–the terms you need to know, the components you'll need, and where to find them. Also included is a guide to online calculators, which help you determine the amount of paint, wallpaper, or flooring your clients need by punching in a few numbers. It couldn't be easier!

You'll also discover how to enrich your work portfolio with our comments on digital cameras. Had you thought about the role photography plays in interior design? The Special Report looks at the advantages of using a digital camera in our field-documenting the progress of your work, creating your own portfolio, being able to e-mail images to your clients, and expanding your business.

Point Click Design! A Special Report on Computer-Assisted Design Tools

And that's not all...

The world of computers is changing rapidly. Get a solid footing now, learn the basics, explore the possibilities for interior designers, and get your career off on the right start with Point Click Design! You'll receive our Special Report with your first Course package so you can enter the interior design field more informed, more prepared, and more likely to succeed with your newfound computer savvy. Click here to receive a free catalog and learn more about NYIAD's Complete Course in Interior Design.