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The Best Summer Party Hacks

By Michelle Ecker on June 29, 2017

Will you be hosting a special event this summer (or helping clients/ friends plan theirs)? If so, we came up with a list of 2017’s most adorable summertime party planning hacks to take your food, drinks, décor and fun to the next level.

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The Best 4th of July Party Hacks

Painted Lawn Stars

This is an awesome and super simple décor DIY for outdoor events. Simply take an old piece of cardboard that you don’t need anymore, trace a giant star shape onto it and make a cut out. Then take your stencil outside, wander around your backyard and spray paint the cut-out space in bright shades of red, white, blue, gold or silver. There are paints you can buy that are specifically made to use on grass so you won’t have to worry about damaging your lawn. It’s basically construction marking paint, and you can find it at almost any home improvement store. We recommend you let your grass grow out a bit before attempting this DIY however, because the only way to really remove the colorful paint is to mow the lawn.

The Best 4th of July Party Hacks

Popcorn Bar

DIY is always a great option for event planners because it not only checks some menu planning off your list, it’s also like an additional activity to keep guests occupied. Every good event planner understands that the key to a successful party is to keep guests busy. So rather than having guests sit around picnic tables waiting to be served, try to set up serve yourself DIY stations as often as you can. We love the idea of a popcorn bar for summer parties. You can decorate brown paper lunch bags and set them out on a picnic table (make sure to put something heavy inside to weigh them down in case of wind). Then put out a few buckets of different flavored popcorn- plain, buttered, caramel- along with smaller bowls of toppings- things garlic powder, extra cheeses, little candies or colorful sprinkles.

The Best 4th of July Party Hacks

Photo Booth

Photo booths have been extremely popular at weddings and events of all kind for the past several years, and setting up your own themed photo station couldn’t be any easier. Simply pick a blank wall (the side of your shed or back of the house for example), and hang a large American flag! On a smaller table nearby, you can set out props for guests to use (think sparklers, mini flags, oversized glasses, etc.) Then, either set out a polaroid camera if you have one, or pick up a few disposable cameras from the drug store.

The Best 4th of July Party Hacks

Glowing Backyard

Once the sun goes down, most of your red white and blue décor will no longer be visible. So to add an amazing glow once it’s dark out we absolutely love this DIY yard lantern hack. Simply crack a bunch of glow sticks, put them inside of balloons, blow up the balloons and fill your yard or outdoor party area with them for a super festive and memorable look.

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