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Our 5 Favorite Halloween Party Hacks

By Michelle Ecker on October 28, 2019

Our 5 Favorite Halloween Party Hacks

If you’re an event planning enthusiast or aspiring events professional, holidays are a great time to get some practice under your belt. 

Regardless of the scale of the party you’re able to plan and whether you’re planning for yourself or helping a friend, you can easily apply all the concepts you’re studying in your online event planning course. Getting ready for Halloween this year, we put together a quick list of our 5 favorite party decor hacks to help you get inspired as you get busy planning your events. Here’s what we found. 


  • Get Creative With Pumpkin DIYs 


If you scoop the seeds out of a pumpkin until it’s hollow, you can actually use the inside as a functioning drink container.

In addition to the pumpkin scooper and carving knife you’d usually use for carving, the only other thing you’ll need is a working spigot, which you can find at most craft stores or on Amazon. Or, if you happen to have a reusable drink dispenser already, you can detach its spigot and use that. Once your DIY pumpkin container is ready, try filling it with something fitting the theme- a seasonal beer like a pumpkin ale, or a fall-themed sangria would be perfect. 


  • Use Dry Ice In Your Drinks 


Have you ever seen a signature craft cocktail that actually had a smoky, steamy mist coming up off the top of the pour? Using dry ice can help you recreate this spooky, haunted look. But be careful! You need to be sure to use tongs when handling the dry ice, never your bare hands, and tell your guests not to drink the cubes- let them melt and allow the mist to dissipate before diving in. 


  • Make Your Jello Drinks Glow 


If you want to add a unique, Halloween-worthy twist to a tray of simple jello shots, all you need to do is use tonic water as your liquid base when you’re preparing the jello, and shine a black light behind the shots once the jello has hardened. 


  • Get Scary with Peeled Apple Heads 


If you’re making a big punch bowl of sangria or juice to serve to your guests, you can get creative with apples to create what looks like floating shrunken heads bobbing in your signature party drink. All you’ll need to do for this hack is completely peel a handful of apples until they’re fully white, and remove any stems and leaves. Then, use an apple de-coring tool to remove the insides so your apples are hollowed out like jack-o-lanterns. From there, use a carving knife to carve out spooky, lifelike facial features in these head-shaped apple garnishes. Add to your punch and serve for a hauntingly festive treat. 


  • Make a Halloween Candy Fondue Bar 


If you own a slow cooker, this is an incredibly easy and festive dessert bar DIY. All you’ll need to do is throw a few bags of your favorite classic chocolate Halloween candies into your crock pot with some heavy cream - think gooey melted kit kat bars, almond joys, and Reese's candies. Serve alongside trays of pound cake bites, assorted berries and marshmallows with skewers for guests to use for dipping. 

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