Wedding Planning Training Outline

Wedding Planning Course Curriculum

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Unit 1 Getting Started

  • Lesson 1.1 The Basics

    In Lesson 1.1: The Basics, we'll start with a review of all the basic wedding planning terminology you should be growing familiar with as you get started. From there, we'll discuss the basic motivations couples have for hiring a wedding planner and finish with a review of the services you'll be providing and tools you'll need to do so.

  • Lesson 1.2 Virtual Job Shadowing

    In Lesson 1.2: Virtual job Shadowing. You'll begin virtually following a New York Based wedding and event planner as she plans the wedding of Megan and Jason, a young couple very much in love. From a morning at her office to an afternoon of networking, this lesson will give you a look at a day in the life of a real professional wedding planner.

  • Lesson 1.3 First Steps

    In Lesson 1.3: First Steps, we'll walk you through the typical trajectory of the first planning session you'll host with a new client. From hearing the couple's engagement story to discussing the initial basics of budget, we'll teach you all the right questions you'll need to ask to get the project moving in an effective direction from the very beginning.

  • Lesson 1.4 Budgets and Vendors

    In Lesson 1.4: Budgets and Vendors, we'll begin by discussing the most tasteful and professional ways to discuss budget with your clients in an effort to maintain positivity in the planning process without sacrificing practicality. From there, we'll learn how budget contributes to your choice of vendors, mastering the most effective planning techniques for booking the best on a budget.

Unit 2 Ceremony and Dress

  • Lesson 2.1 Ritual and Custom

    In Lesson 2.1: Ritual and Custom, we remember the reality that in order to serve your clientele, you must have some familiarity with wedding traditions from various cultures. Even if you work primarily with people of one culture, the nature of modern love is global and this lesson will familiarize you with a wide array of diverse wedding customs and traditions.

  • Lesson 2.2 With This Ring, I Thee Wed

    In Lesson 2.2: With This Ring, I Thee Wed, we dive into the specifics of planning for the perfect ceremony. We'll discuss a variety of religious ceremonies you might find yourself preparing for as well as same-sex, secular, military and second-marriage ceremonies. By the end of this lesson, you'll be familiar with the proper customs and etiquettes involved in the planning of a vast array of client wedding situations you may come across in your career.

  • Lesson 2.3 Dressing the Part

    In Lesson 2.3: Dressing the Part, we'll focus our attention on clothing. We'll look at how to select bridal gown and tuxedo rental vendors. We'll talk about how to assist your clients as they choose their wedding day outfits and accessories. We'll also make suggestions for the attire of the wedding party, the parents of the bride and groom and even the guests.

Unit 3 The Reception

  • Lesson 3.1 Celebration to Follow

    In Lesson 3.1: Celebration to Follow, we'll be covering all the logistics and details you'll need to master the perfect post-ceremony receptions, regardless of the happy couple's vision. From receptions at home to parties on the beach, we'll help you develop the skills needed to effectively execute the party of the couple's dreams, whatever that might specifically mean to them.

  • Lesson 3.2 Eat, Drink, and Be Married

    In Lesson 3.2: Eat, Drink and Be Married, our goal is to help you develop working relationships with caterers in your area that you can rely on to provide delicious food and gracious service. We'll familiarize you with all the common dynamics of the food and beverage industry so you know all the right questions to ask when the time comes.

  • Lesson 3.3 Strike Up the Band

    In Lesson 3.3: Strike Up the Band, we will dissect the process of vetting and hiring musicians and DJs. It's imperative that you understand these business practices because your clients will be counting on your recommendations and advice.

Unit 4 Décor, Photography and Transportation

  • Lesson 4.1 Atmosphere Is Everything

    In Lesson 4.1: Atmosphere is Everything, we'll start to discuss the style, look, feel and theme of the wedding ceremony and reception. This will be informed by your prior decisions about the attire, food and music. Then, with all that in mind, it will be time to turn our attention to floral arrangements.

  • Lesson 4.2 Capturing Memories

    In Lesson 4.2: Capturing Memories, we will help you understand the process of helping your clients determine the best way to capture their wedding memories. We'll teach you the best questions to ask when finding and interviewing a photographer or videographer, how to produce a practical contract and how to schedule all the shots your couple wants done.

  • Lesson 4.3 Getting There and Getting Away

    In Lesson 4.3: Getting There and Getting Away, we'll talk about the right methods of incorporating unique transportation into the wedding festivities in an effort to make the day special for both the couple and their guests. From limousines to hot air balloons, we'll go over a number of common (and uncommon) options while helping you learn all the right questions to ask as you plan.

Unit 5 Travel, Parties and Gifts

  • Lesson 5.1 The Honeymoon

    In Lesson 5.1: The Honeymoon, we'll prepare you to help clients with any travel-related questions they might ask you about their honeymoon. While most wedding planners don't book travel arrangements, you will be expected to have some general knowledge, which is what we'll help you develop throughout this lesson.

  • Lesson 5.2 All the Pretty Parties

    In Lesson 5.2: All the Pretty Parties, we'll discuss the many smaller parties that often take place before and after the main event- engagement parties, bridal showers, bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, bridal luncheons, rehearsal dinners and after parties. Although not all wedding planners are involved in each of these events, this lesson will prepare you with the knowledge and know-how to contribute in any way the couple needs you to.

  • Lesson 5.3 Tied With a Bow

    In Lesson 5.3: Tied With a Bow, we'll teach you the most tasteful and professional ways to offer gentle guidance about the gift subject so that no one feels burdened or put out. From planning a registry to helping the couple choose appropriate gifts for their wedding party, this is always one area where a wedding planner can be of great assistance.

  • Lesson 5.4 Planning a Wedding from Start to Finish

    In Lesson 5.4: Planning a Wedding from Start to Finish, we'll check out an interview with New York City wedding planner Katie Berger as she walks us through the full, comprehensive experience of planning a wedding. You'll learn how she worked with the couple to set a date, develop a timeline, set priorities, coordinate vendors and execute the perfect day with professionalism and ease.

Unit 6 Business Strategies

  • Lesson 6.1 Starting Your Own Business

    In Lesson 6.1: Starting Your Own Business, we'll help you develop a clear understanding of what starting a business is like. From determining what the start-up cost will typically run you to planning a business checklist, we'll provide you with all the knowledge you'll need if starting your own wedding planning firm is what you hope to do after graduating from NYIAD.

  • Lesson 6.2 Marketing Your Services

    In Lesson 6.2: Marketing Your Services, we will teach you the best methods of marketing and selling your talents to potential clients near you. From understanding your customer demographic to designing and printing your own ads, we'll help you conceptualize a marketing strategy that best suits your goals and career ambitions.

  • Lesson 6.3 Your Wedding Planning Tool Belt

    In Lesson 6.3: Your Wedding Planning Tool Belt, we will wrap up by sharing some additional options for how to turn your new skill set into a viable, money-making career. We'll also leave you with some special tools on how to beat wedding stress and handle difficult situations.

Reference Library

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