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Weddings - Deeply Rooted Love

By Caroline Wolfe Papocchia on February 27, 2011

Oh, darling, can you hear my heart beet?

Yes, the typo is intentional. In the myriad design options for brides and grooms to choose, a new, emerging motif is dovetailing beautifully with the current interest in farming, simplicity, and sweetness: beloved, humble fruits and vegetables.

While this may sound strange at first, fruits and veggies are as likely candidates to be translated into powerful graphic designs as any. Like flora, fauna, fleur de lis, and faux bois, a visual abundance of fruits or vegetables has a sturdy place in classical art – all the way back to antiquity. Beyond that, a wedding reception is traditionally a celebratory feast, and you simply cannot have a feast without food. And the conceptual appeal is hard to top: rooting, growing, blooming, etc. Throughout literature, few words have translated so seamlessly as those about the soil used to describe love.

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Of course, fruits and vegetables come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, offering a spectrum of décor options. As in old still-lifes, both are often integrated into wedding centerpieces and décor. Draped grapes are common, but adventurous florists will reap a larger bounty, using everything from lady apples to finger-like chartreuse peppers.

It is in the seemingly infinite world of invitations and other stationery, however, where fruit and vegetable motifs are finding a niche for couples who want something a little different. Kitschy or classical, colorful or black and white, abstract or with every vein and petal delineated, it’s simply a matter of choice.

These are perfect examples of vegetables at their finest in letterpress and printed wedding invitations.

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For thank you cards, this collection is simple, colorful, and pays homage to the abundance of the seasons.

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For the DIY bride and groom looking for a sweet way to accent their paper pieces, these hand-carved stamps from Enchanting Stamps are perfect. Each would be a sweet and unexpected way to adorn a menu card, or perhaps to seal the back of an invitation envelope.

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Using fruits and vegetables anywhere in the wedding theme is a solid way of conveying the dignity and perennial-ness of the couple’s love, and these lovely print pieces and tools make it easy.


Lani Blue Stationery
Rigel Stuhmiller
Painted Tongue Studios
Anek Studios
Enchanting Stamps

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