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How to Plan a Free Honeymoon

By Michelle Ecker on November 25, 2015

It’s Wedding Tip Wednesday at NYIAD! Every Wednesday afternoon, tune in to the design blog to hear a new piece of planning advice from mentors who have worked in the industry for nearly a decade, coordinating events with a wide spectrum of budgets and client needs.

For today’s tip, consider this:

How to Plan a Free Honeymoon

If you’re working with an especially money-minded couple, consider taking advantage of the wedding’s relatively high price tag by having them enroll in a credit card rewards program.

Whether they rack up a bunch of airline miles or cold hard cash, the couple can benefit from their sudden influx in random purchases if they put them all on that card and reap the massive reward point benefits.

If they’re really lucky- their honeymoon might wind up paying for itself as a result of some simple, pennywise planning.

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