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Wedding Tip Wednesday: Dress Shopping

By Michelle Ecker on October 28, 2015

It’s Wedding Tip Wednesday at NYIAD! Every Wednesday afternoon, tune in to the design blog to hear a new piece of planning advice from NYIAD’s Emily Bauer. Emily has worked in the wedding and event planning industry for nearly a decade, coordinating events with a wide spectrum of budgets and client needs.

For today’s tip, Emily shares,

Wedding Tip Wednesday: Dress Shopping

“When scheduling a trajectory of pre-wedding purchases, many brides often forget to determine a logical order based on the fact that some decisions will affect the appropriateness of others.

This most commonly applies to the purchase of a dress in juxtaposition with the reservation of a venue. Although it’s abundantly important for a bride to wear something that she loves and feels beautiful in, discomfort can occasionally arise as a result of poor outfit-venue coordination. To avoid this, make sure to consider the codependence of the aforementioned two decisions.

If a bride buys a fantastic, over-the-top ball gown for example, then decides she’d love to get married in the college bar where she met her husband, she may be left feeling somewhat regretful when she realizes how out of place she’ll look.

I recommend committing to a venue first, then buying a dress to coordinate- that way, each aspect of the special day can harmonize appropriately, and the bride won’t have to worry about looking over (or under!) dressed.

Thanks, Emily! For more tips, check out our design blog.

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