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Wedding Tip Wednesday: Avoiding Kid Chaos

By Michelle Ecker on October 07, 2015

It’s Wedding Tip Wednesday at NYIAD! Every Wednesday afternoon, tune in to the design blog to hear a new piece of planning advice from NYIAD’s Emily Bauer. Emily has worked in the wedding and event planning industry for nearly a decade, coordinating events with a wide spectrum of budgets and client needs.

For today’s tip, Emily shares,

Wedding Tip Wednesday: Avoiding Kid Chaos

“Many people struggle to determine whether or not they want to welcome young guests to join in their special day. After spending thousands of dollars and hours of time planning the perfect event, couples sometimes understandably feel hesitant when picturing the drink spills, food stains and temper tantrums that often accompany a younger crowd.

However, avoidance of hurt feelings often puts a tricky wedge in this decision making process. No bride wants give her old college roommate the ultimatum of either leaving the newborn with a babysitter, or missing out on the big day. It almost always feels personal, close friends usually expect exceptions to be made, and things get awkward.

To avoid this discomfort, consider coordinating a day care or babysitting service on site, at the reception space or even in one of the host’s hotel rooms. Provide someone trusted- maybe a close neighbor or that college intern from your office you’ve worked with for years. With some inexpensive planning ahead (snacks, some DVDs, coloring books or crafts) you can keep young guests entertained and included, plus avoid putting the moms and dads of your friend group in a bind.”

Thanks, Emily! For more tips, check out our design blog.

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